10 Cool Things to Do with Linux

Linux is a well-known and robust open-source operating system that provides users with several options to accomplish incredible things. With Linux, there is always something interesting and fun to explore, regardless of whether you are a tech enthusiast, a developer, or a home user. This is the reason we will be discussing the 10 most cool things you can do with Linux will be examined in this article as stated below.

1. Customize Your Desktop

One of Linux’s most appealing features is its adaptability to your own requirements and tastes. A nice place to start is the desktop environment, where you can alter practically anything, including the background image and the arrangement of the icons and menus. 

Linux provides everything you need to customize your computing experience, whether you like a simple user interface or a desktop that can be completely customized.

If you are looking for some of the best desktop environments that you can implement for your Linux OS, then you can read this article

2. Virtualization

A great approach to trying out new applications or operating systems without affecting your primary computer is through virtualization. Using well-known programs like VirtualBox or VMware. This enables you to test out various setups and run several operating systems on a single workstation. Virtualization software like VMware can be downloaded from this link.

3. Develop Software

Linux is a well-suited option for software developers as it is not only an open-source OS but also stable and compatible with lots of different programming languages. Linux OS can help you develop any application, whether you want to do it for a desktop, mobile, or web application. It’s an excellent platform for developers of all skill levels since it’s simple to build, test, and publish your apps.

4. Automate Tasks

With Linux, you can automate a wide range of tasks that can be achieved by writing shell scripts and cron jobs. Shell scripts contain a series of commands that can be executed to automate the tasks, whereas cron allows you to schedule tasks to run at specific times, making it an efficient and productive approach to automate your work.

5. Learn About Networking

Linux comes with a large set of tools for those users as well who want to learn about networking for management and system monitoring purposes. With Linux OS, you can easily learn about different networking concepts like IP addresses, routing, subnets, etc.

 6. Manage Remote Systems

Another part of networking can be managing remote systems, such as servers, workstations, or even other Linux PCs, which is a remarkable thing you can do with Linux. For this, you can use tools like SSH (Secure Shell) or Telnet and access the remote system to transfer or retrieve information. Additionally, You can also use applications like rsync, which facilitates cross-platform file and directory synchronization and simplifies managing remote PCs.

7. Work with the Command Line

Linux OS comes with the built-in command line interface (CLI) that you can use to perform many complicated tasks with ease. It is efficient and also fast compared to the graphical user interface (GUI), but it might take some time to get familiar with it, especially if you are a beginner. You can do a variety of tasks with it, such as updating your system or managing files and applications. 

8. Gaming

Everyone needs leisure time as well, which they can utilize to play games, so Linux OS doesn’t fall behind in this category as well. You can play online games using the browser, or you can also have access to steam, where you can play intense graphic games as well. If this is still not enough for you, then you can install the “wine” application that will allow you to run windows applications and games on Linux OS, making it a perfect platform for gamers. If you are interested in finding some best games on steam along with the installation procedure, then you can visit this article 

9. Explore Different Distributions

Linux OS comes with a variety of distributions, each offering different unique features and functionalities that make it superior from others. So if you are looking for an OS that is lightweight and offers minimalistic features or if you want more customization, you will be able to find such a distribution in Linux.

Some of the distributions that you can try are mentioned below:

Linux Package ManagementDistributions
DebianUbuntuLinux MintMX Linux
ArchArch LinuxManjaroEndeavourOS
RPMFedoraCentOSRed Hat Enterprise (RHEL)

10. Contribute to Open-Source Projects

The great thing about Linux is that it is open-source, where you can ask for help whenever you get stuck somewhere, or you can help others as well.

If you find a bug or a flaw that you think should be removed or if you have some creative ideas to discuss, you can do that by discussing them with the community.


Linux is a versatile and powerful operating system that offers endless possibilities for users who want to explore its potential. Linux OS comes with endless possibilities for every type of user, and there’s always something new to discover and learn with Linux. In this article, we have discussed ten cool things that you should do with Linux.