22 Essential Google Sheets Shortcuts You Must Know!

Google Sheets is an effective tool with a wide range of options for organizing and analyzing data. However, using spreadsheets and doing repetitive tasks can be hectic and time-consuming. Shortcuts for Google Sheets can help in this situation.

We will look at 22 important Google Sheets shortcuts in this article that will completely change the way you operate with spreadsheets.

What are the Basic Shortcuts of the Google Sheets?

There are many shortcuts that are used to perform different tasks in Google Sheets among which the basic shortcuts are discussed below. 

Shortcut 1: Copying and Pasting Data

The shortcut keys for copying as well as pasting the data in both Windows and Mac are the same. For copying, we can use the CTRL+C and to paste the copied data, use the shortcut key of CTRL+V:

Essential Google Sheets Shortcuts

We can also use the CTRL+X to cut the data in the Google Sheets. 

Shortcut 2: Undo and Redo Actions

The next important shortcuts to be known are the CTRL+Z to undo the last action and CTRL+Y to redo the last action. Both shortcuts can be used in operating systems: Windows and Mac. 

Shortcut 3: Select the Cells 

Select the first cell, then press the “SHIFT” key to select the remaining cells. To pick the other cells of the sheet, keep holding down the SHIFT key while using the left, right, up, and down arrow keys.

Shortcut 4: Select a Column or a Row

To select the entire row or a column, use the below-mentioned shortcuts:

DescriptionShortcut (Windows)Shortcut (Mac)
Select Entire RowShift + SpacebarShift + Spacebar
Select Entire ColumnControl + SpacebarControl + Spacebar

Shortcut 5: Insert and Delete Cells, Rows, Columns

To insert and delete the cells, rows, as well as columns, see the shortcuts in the below-mentioned table:

Insert CellSelect the cell, then press the right button of the mouse and choose “Insert Cells
Delete CellAfter selecting the cell, select “Delete Cells” by using the right mouse button.
Insert RowPress the right mouse button after choosing the row number and then select “Insert 1 row above” or “Insert 1 row below” to insert a row.
Delete RowSelect the row number and then press the right key of the mouse. Choose the “Delete row” from the drop-down menu.
Insert ColumnPress the right mouse button after choosing the column number and then select “Insert 1 column to right” or “Insert 1 column to left” to insert a row.
Delete ColumnSelect the column number and then press the right key of the mouse. Choose the “Delete column” from the drop-down menu.

What are the Navigation Shortcuts of the Google Sheets?

Navigation shortcuts are used to access the specific cell in the Google Sheets. The basic shortcut keys of the Google Sheets are:

Shortcut 1: Moving Between Sheets

To move between different spreadsheets in Google Sheets, follow the below-mentioned table:

DescriptionShortcut (Windows)Shortcut (Mac)
Next SheetCtrl+Page DownCommand+Page Down
Previous SheetCtrl+Page UpCommand+Page Up
Specific SheetCtrl+Shift+Page Down /Ctrl+Shift+Page UpCommand+Option+Right Arrow / Command+Option+Left Arrow

Shortcut 2: Navigating to the Beginning or End of a Sheet

To move the cursor either to the beginning or the end of the sheet, use the shortcuts:

DescriptionShortcut (Windows)Shortcut (Mac)
Beginning of a SheetCtrl+HomeCommand+Home
End of a SheetCtrl+EndCommand+End

Shortcut 3: Jumping to Specific Cells or Ranges

The shortcut keys for jumping to the specific cells or ranges in Google Sheets, below-mentioned shortcuts are helpful:

DescriptionShortcut (Windows)Shortcut (Mac)
Go to a specific cellCtrl+GCommand+G
Head to the beginning of a columnCtrl+Down ArrowCommand+Down Arrow
Go to the beginning of a rowCtrl+Right ArrowCommand+Right Arrow
Select an entire columnSelect the Column number and then Ctrl+SpaceSelect the Column number and then Command+Space
Select an entire rowSelect the row number and then press SHIFT+SPACE

Shortcut 4: Find the Specific Word

Either find the specific phrase or replace the specified phrase with the new phrase. To do so, use the below-mentioned shortcuts on Windows and Mac:

DescriptionShortcut (Windows)Shortcut (Mac)
Find and ReplaceCTRL+HCommand+Shift+H

What are the Formatting Shortcuts in Google Sheets?

Different shortcuts are used to set the format of the data so it may look good. Basic shortcuts for formatting the data in Google Sheets are explained. 

Shortcut 1: Applying Cell Formatting

The shortcuts which are used in formatting the data of cells are:

DescriptionShortcut (Windows)Shortcut (Mac)
Strike ThroughAlt + Shift + 5Option + Shift + 5

Shortcut 2: Adjusting Column Widths and Row Heights

To adjust the column’s width and height of the rows, the below-mentioned shortcuts should be used:

Auto-fit column widthDouble Click on the Right boundary of the column
Adjust column width manuallyDrag the hover present between the column either to the left or the right
Auto-fit row heightDouble-click on the button edge of the row
Adjust row height manuallyDrag the hover present between the rows either to the up or the down

Shortcut 3: Applying Text and Number Formatting

To change the formatting of the data in the cells of the Google Sheets, use the shortcuts:

DescriptionShortcut (Windows)Shortcut (Mac)
Increase font sizeCtrl+Shift+>Command+Shift+>
Decrease font sizeCtrl+Shift+<Command+Shift+<
Format as currencyCtrl+Shift+4Command+Shift+4
Format as PercentageCtrl+Shift+5Command+Shift+5
Format as dateCtrl+Shift+2Command+Shift+2
Remove formattingCtrl+\Command+\

What are the Formula and Calculation Shortcuts in Google Sheets?

The formula and calculator shortcuts in Google Sheets which should be known to the users are explained below.

Shortcut 1: Inserting Formulas

To insert the formulas in the Google Sheets, use the steps mentioned below:

  • Insert the equal “=” sign in the formula bar
  • Select the range of the cell or cells on which the formula is supposed to apply
  • Press the ENTER key

Shortcut 2: Auto-filling formulas

The formula entered in the cell can be applied either to the cells below or to the cells right in Google Sheets. Select the cell with the formula applied, a small box can be seen in the right corner of the cell, hold it, and drag it either to the right or down depending on your requirement. 

Shortcut 3: Calculating Sums, Min, Max, Count, Count Numbers, and Averages

To calculate the sums, maximum, minimum, count, count numbers, and averages of the data in the cell. Select the cells and in the right bottom interface of the Google Sheets, you will see all these calculations: 

Essential Google Sheets Shortcuts1

What are the Collaboration Shortcuts in Google Sheets?

The collaboration shortcuts are used in Google Sheets to help the users in enhancing the teamwork and coordination with the other users. 

Shortcut 1: Adding Comments

The shortcuts to add the comments in the Google Sheets are mentioned-below:

DescriptionShortcut (Windows)Shortcut (Mac)
Addition of the commentCtrl+Alt+MCommand+Option+M
Edit a commentCtrl+Alt+ECommand+Option+E
Delete a commentCtrl+Alt+BackspaceCommand+Option+Backspace

What is the Shortcut to Add a New Sheet in Google Sheets?

If you are supposed to add a new sheet in the Google Sheets to complete your task, then you can use the shortcut key “Shift+F11” on Windows. 

What is the Shortcut to Add a Today’s Date and Current Time?

We can add the present date and current time in Google Sheet by simply using the below-mentioned shortcut keys:

DescriptionShortcut (Windows)Shortcut (Mac)
To Add the Today’s DateCtrl+;Command+;
To Add the Current TimeCtrl+Shift+;Command+Shift+;

What are the Shortcuts to Copy, Paste, and Clear Formatting in Google Sheets?

We can also copy, paste, and clear the formatting in Google Sheets by using the below-mentioned shortcuts:

DescriptionShortcut (Windows)Shortcut (Mac)
Copy FormattingCtrl+Alt+CCommand+Option+C
Paste FormattingCtrl+Alt+VCommand+Option+V
Clear FormattingCtrl+\Command+\

What are the Alignment Shortcuts in the Google Sheets?

To align the data to right, left, or in the middle, use the below-mentioned shortcuts:

DescriptionShortcut (Windows)Shortcut (Mac)
Alignment in CentreCtrl + Shift + ECommand + Shift + E
Alignment to LeftCtrl + Shift + LCommand + Shift + L
Alignment to RightCtrl + Shift + RCommand + Shift + R

How to Link the URL in the Google Sheets?

To link the URL with any specific cell or data, select the cell to which the link is required and use the shortcuts:

DescriptionShortcut (Windows)Shortcut (Mac)
LinkCtrl + KCommand + K

To open the hyperlink in the Google Sheets, use the shortcuts:

DescriptionShortcut (Windows)Shortcut (Mac)
Open the HyperLinkALT+ENTEROption+Enter

How to Display All the Sheets in Google Sheets?

To display all the sheets in Google Sheets, we can use the shortcut key shown below:

DescriptionShortcut (Windows)Shortcut (Mac)
To Display All the SheetsAlt + Shift + KOpion+Shift+K


There are many shortcuts in Google Sheets which make the work efficient but most important 22 shortcuts which should be known are discussed in this post. These 22 shortcuts can be used in different basic applications in Google Sheets, and make it easy for the user to work with the Google Sheets.