3 Ways To Put an Image Behind Text in Google Docs

Google Docs is a well-known text editor with a lot of functionalities. It is also beneficial to manipulate text with images to grab the reader’s attention. In addition, it is useful to elaborate complex figures, diagrams, flow charts, etc.

This Google Doc will demonstrate 3 methods for putting an image behind the text.

The content which illustrates the post is given below. 

Let’s start with the first one:

Method 1: Behind Text Option for Putting an Image Behind text

Google Docs attracts readers, designers, and editors via various text modification features. One of them, the “Behind Text” option, is discussed here to place text at the front of the image.

First, an existing is considered that can be seen below figure where a paragraph of text is shown with an image downside:

Select the image that you want to put behind the text. Choose the “Behind text” icon for putting the image behind the text in current Google Docs:

After that, the user can write any text/information on that image as a line is written on the image:

Method 2: Using Text Wrapping for Putting an Image Behind text

Google Docs provides an interesting option, “Text Wrapping” to put an image behind the text in an existing document.

For these few steps:

  • Firstly, select the image that will generate a few options at the bottom.
  • After that, choose the “Image options” icon that can be seen in the below figure.

It navigates to the side window. In this window, hover over the “Text Wrapping” option and select the “Behind text”:

In this scenario, we wrote “Hello Google Docs..!!!!” and put the image behind the text that can be verified in the below screenshot:

That’s it! The can now be written on the image.

Method 3: Using Drawing Option to Put an Image Behind the Text in Google Docs

A method is followed to set an image behind the text in the document. For this, navigate to the “Insert” tab and hover on the “Drawing” option. A new dropdown will appear, click on “New”:

To put the image behind the text in the “Drawing” window, follow a few steps as follows:

  • Paste the image into a canvas of the “Drawing” window.
  • After that, select the “Text box” icon in the toolbar.
  • Finally, click the mouse button on the image to write text in the “Text box”.

Write any text according to user needs. In this scenario, we type the text “Welcome to Google Docs” in “Textbox”. After that, hit the “Save and Close” button in the “Drawing” window:

Finally, the text has been placed at the front of the image, which can be verified below screenshot:

That it! It is all about this guide.


Google Docs provides 3 ways “Behind Text”, “Text Wrapping” and “Drawing” options to put an image behind the text. The “Behind Text” and “Text Wrapping” options enable the user to adjust the image behind the text. While the “Drawing” options allow us to add a text box at the front of the image in Google Docs. This post has explained all possible ways to put an image behind the text.