How to Accept all Suggestions on Google Docs?

Google Docs is a web-based text editing and formatting tool in which different people can collaborate. Docs creators can share access with others to get feedback on their work using this feature. When the suggestions are added to the current document, the next step is to accept or reject all of them. This post demonstrates how to accept all the suggestions on Google Docs.

Let us start with the practical implementation.

How to Accept all Suggestions on Google Docs?

In Google Docs, it isn’t easy to resolve every comment. To resolve this problem, Google Docs offers the “Review suggested edits” option to “Accept” or “Reject” all the comments with just one click. This section comprises some essential steps to accept all suggestions on Google Docs:

Step 1: Open the Google Docs Document

Let’s consider a Google Docs file in which a contributor has given some suggestions to enhance the document quality:

Step 2: Choose Review suggested edits Option

Move towards the “Tools” tab from the menu bar. A drop-down list will pop up. Click on “Review suggested edits” from the drop-down menu:

Step 3: Open the Dialogue Box

A dialogue box will open on the right side of the current document containing two buttons: “Accept all” and “Reject all”. The “Accept all” button accepts all the suggestions in the current document. On the other hand, the “Reject all” button is used to reject all the suggestions in one click:

The dialogue box also has a list that will pop up by clicking on the drop-down arrow. The list provides three options, such as:

  • Show suggested edits: This option can be utilized to view the suggestions added by the commenter.
  • Preview “Accept all”: It can be used to view the updated version of the current document after accepting all the suggestions.
  • Preview “Reject all”: It can be utilized to view the previous version of the document after rejecting all the suggestions:

Step 4: Accept All Suggestions

Press the “Accept all” button to accept all the suggestions commented on in the current document, as shown in the below figure:

Step 5: Verify the Updated Document

The current document is now updated after clicking on the “Accept” button. The user accepted all the suggestions given in the current document:

Verify that all four suggestions are accepted at once.

That’s all about this guide!


Google Docs provides the “Review suggested edits” option from the “Tools” tab to accept all the suggestions made to the current documents. It saves time and effort from having to accept suggestions one by one. In the “Review suggested edits” window, users can accept all suggestions simultaneously by clicking the “Accept all” button. This post explains the step-by-step procedure to accept all the suggestions on Google Docs.