Activities on Discord | Explained

Discord is the communication forum to get in touch with communities via servers. It is particularly famous for its voice chat feature, utilized by gaming communities to interact while playing games. However, in recent updates, a new “Activities” option in the voice chat was launched in Discord.

This write-up will signify the activities on Discord with the following outline:

What are Activities on Discord?

Activities are short games or a watch-together feature that Discord offers. In Discord activities, the user can play games with other members when there is nothing to do on the server.

List of Available Activities on Discord

There are a total of 13 activities available to play for Discord users described in the following table:

NoActivities NamesNumber of Participants to Join
1Watch TogetherUnlimited Participant
2Gartic PhoneUp to 16 Participant
3Know What I MemeUp to 9 Participant
4Putt PartyUp to 8 Participant
5Poker NightUp to 7 Participant
6Chess in The ParkUnlimited Participant
7Bobble LeagueUp to 8 Participant
8Land.ioUp to 16 Participant
9Sketch HeadsUp to 8 Participant
10Blazing 8sUp to 8 Participant
11SpellCastUp to 6 Participant
12Checkers in The ParkUnlimited Participant
13Letter LeagueUp to 8 Participant

Note: Please note that there are some activities that are not free to play. When this article was written, all activities were free due to the 8th birthday celebration of Discord.

How to Play Activities on Discord?

To play the activities on Discord, follow the below-given instructions.

Step 1: Select Server

Launch the Discord and go to the respective server from the sidebar:

Step 2: Join Voice Channel

Next, join the voice channel of your choice available on the left side:

Step 3: Start an Activity

Click on the “Start an Activity” icon to start the activities:

Step 4: Select Activity

Select the desired activity from the available list and proceed:

Step 5: Grant Permission

Grant the permission to access your Discord account for the desired activity by pressing the “Authorize” button:

Step 7: Play Activity

The activity is ready to play, you can play with your friends by inviting them or play with the bots:

That’s how you can play activities on Discord


Activities are the short games or a watch-together feature offered by Discord. These activities are helpful for users in their leisure time. To play Discord activities, go to the particular server and join the voice channel. Then, click the “Start an Activity” option, choose the desired activity, and play it. The user can play with bots if other members are not available. This write-up has stated all aspects of Discord’s activities in detail.