How to Add Akinator Bot to Your Discord Server

Possibilities are endless! Discord has shown in recent times how everyone can grow by becoming a contributor to its platform. In the race for contribution, awesome inventions have been made within the boundaries of the Discord platform, such as bots with multiple advanced and unique features. One of the bots named “Akinator” is taking the lead in its category of playing guessing games.

This write-up will provide the instructions for setting up the Akinator bot within the Discord server.

How to Add Akinator Bot in Discord

The Akinator bot is primarily designed to guess the character that a user is thinking of. Akinator can also perform other actions, such as generating images. However, to use the Akinator bot, first, it needs to be added to the Discord server.

To “add the Akinator bot to the Discord server”, let’s follow the instructions provided in the next section.

Using the App Directory for Adding Discord Akinator Bot

App directory provides access to users to install or add apps, games, and other utilities internally from the Discord application. So, to add the Akinator bot, head toward the app directory by selecting the server settings as shown below.

Next, in the left panel, select the “App Directory”.

Now, utilize the search box to fetch the “Akinator” bot from thousands of other apps/bots. Once Akinator appears, click on it.

Press the “Add to Server” button to get started with the integration procedure of Akinator.

Simply select the desired server where the Akinator bot is needed and click on the “continue” button.

Go through permission carefully as it will allow the Akinator to control and access the server settings. After checking the permissions, the “Authorize” button needs to be pressed.

Captcha is something that is useful in preventing fake bot traffic or helps against attacks, for example, sending a lot of requests in a very short time span. So, “verify the captcha” by checking the checkbox and answering/solving the shown on-screen questions/challenges.

Finally, Akinator will be added to the server successfully and it can be confirmed using the confirmation pop-up.

Using the Third-Party Site for Adding Discord Akinator Bot

Launch the browser and visit this website to add the Akinator bot directly to the server. Clicking on the “Add Bot” button will redirect us toward our Discord account.

This time, specify the server using the drop-down menu and click on “Authorize”. Complete the captcha challenge and the bot will be added to the server right after that.

Add & Remove Akinator Bot to Discord Mobile App

Visit the same third-party websites as well as the process that is explained above for adding the Akinator Bot in the Discord server using the mobile phone.

In case the Akinator bot needs to be removed using the Discord mobile application, follow the given steps:

  • Launch the Discord Application
  • Go to the server, and swipe left from the right corner.
  • Tap on the Akinator to view the bot profile.
  • Scroll and tap the option “Kick”
  • Give confirmation for removing Akinator from the server by hitting the kick button again.

How to Use Akinator Bot on Discord

Get into the Discord server where the Akinator bot is integrated and use the below syntax for the execution of commands.



Attaching the “/” before initializing any command of the Akinator bot is a must. For example, let’s take a practical example and compile a command to see the working of the Akinator bot.


The Akinator will ask questions or give dares when the “/truth” command is executed.

Akinator Bot Commands

The Akinator bot supports more than “thirty-five commands”, some of which are listed below:

  • /ai chat: Ask questions from AI directly from the server
  • /ai image: Generate an image by providing the text
  • /aki: Start the game and try to guess if you are thinking of any character
  • /dice: Roll the dice and provide a number
  • /flip: Flip the coin and give results
  • /poll: Create a poll
  • /rps: Play rock, paper, scissor 

How to Delete Akinator Bot From the Discord Server

If the Akinator server is no longer needed, you can remove it from the Discord server. Accessing the member list where all the bots can be found is the way to get started with the bot elimination process. Akinator bot can be removed from the Discord server by right-clicking on it and selecting the “Kick Akinator” option.

Click the “Kick” to fulfill the action of deleting Akinator from the server.

That’s how we can add and use the Akinator bot in Discord.


To add the Akinator bot to the Discord server, consider using the “Discord App Library” or “Third-party site”. All we have to do is invite the bot to our server and ensure that all on-screen instructions are followed correctly. Similarly, if the bot needs to be terminated from the server, utilize the mouse right-click and select the option “Kick Akinator”. This article has demonstrated how to add, use, and remove the Akinator bot from Discord.