How to Add and Set Up NekoBot Discord Bot?

In Discord, NekoBot is the AI-generated bot that is used for entertainment, and moderation purposes. It facilitates the user with plenty of funny commands that merge images of multiple members and converts them into body pillows. If the user wants some funny activities on the Discord server, NekoBot is a tremendous choice.

The aim of this post is to provide the procedure to add and set up the NekoBot in Discord.

Note: To add and set up the NekoBot Discord bot on the mobile app, follow the same guide.

How to Add and Set Up a NekoBot Discord Bot?

The user can add and set up the NekoBot in the Discord server by implementing the subsequent steps.

Step 1: Invite NekoBot

Open the browser, navigate to NekoBot’s official site, and click the “Invite” button to invite the bot:

Login to the Discord account if not logged in.

Step 2: Server Selection

After that, select the particular server to which the user wants to add NekoBot from the “ADD TO SERVER” drop-down menu and hit the “Continue” button:

Step 3: Authorize Permissions 

Then, grant the necessary permissions for the NekoBot and press the “Authorize” button:

Step 4: Verify Captcha

Verify the human verification captcha to add the NekoBot to the selected server:

Step 5: Verification

NekoBot will be added to the server. Launch the Discord server and verify the presence of the NekoBot in the member list of the server:

To obtain the usage detail of the NekoBot, type the “/help” command in text channel:


After that, select the “/help” command of NekoBot from the appeared list:

Upon doing so, the following result will be obtained:

That’s all about adding and setting up the NekoBot to the Discord server.

How to Play with Neko Bot?

Let’s create and play some funny reactions with NekoBot on the server, have a look at the following guidelines.

Step 1: Enter Command 

Go to the particular server, type the “/create” command in the message section and select the “/create changemymind” from the given option:

Step 2: Enter Text

After that, enter the text in the given section to create reaction:

Step 3: Check Results

The NikoBot will add the random picture with your text to create the reaction as shown:

Bonus Tip: How to Remove NekoBot Discord Bot?

To remove the NekoBotfrom the Discord server, follow the given procedure.

Step 1: Right-click on NekoBot

Go to the particular Discord server and press the right-click on the NekoBot from the member list:

Step 2: Remove NekoBot

A drop-down menu will be opened, hit the “Kick NekoBot” button and proceed: 

Step 3: Enter Reason

Enter the reason for removing the NekoBot and click on the “Kick” button:

Upon doing so, the NekoBot will be removed from the server.


For adding and setting up the NekoBot in Discord, visit its official site and click on the “Invite” button to invite it to the server. Then, select the server, grant the required permissions for the NekoBot, and verify the captcha. Launch the Discord server and verify its presence in a particular Discord server. You have learned the method to adding and setting up the NekoBot in the Discord server.