How to Add Announce Bot on Discord?

Discord is a fun socializing platform widely used by the communities like gamers and anime fans. The communities of like-minded people on Discord is referred to as a server. Managing various activities on larger servers can be difficult. That is why, Discord bots are used to automate these activities. One of these Discord bots is the Announce bot. Announce bot is used for making announcements, scheduling, and creating polls in a Discord server. 

This article will elaborate on the Announce Bot using the following outline:

  1. How to Add Announce Bot on Discord?
  2. How to Use Announce Bot on Discord?

How to Add Announce Bot on Discord?

Announce Discord bot lets users edit and clone the announcements by using various channels. It permits us to send embeds with usernames and custom avatars. To add the Announce bot on Discord, follow the steps described below.

Step 1: Invite the Announce Bot

Navigate to the “” website on the browser and click on the “Invite” button:

Step 2: Select the Server

Click on the “Add to Server” drop-down and choose the desired server where you want to add the Discord bot. After that, hit the “Continue” button. For demonstration, the server name “its Linux FOSS” is selected:

Step 3: Grant Permissions

Grant the necessary permissions for the Announce bot and hit the “Authorize” button:

Step 4: Mark Captcha

Marking the captcha is necessary for human verification purposes. Mark the “I am human” checkbox highlighted below:

Step 5: Verification

Open the Discord application, and go to the selected server from the left menu bar:

After that, click on the below-highlighted “Show Members List” icon and verify the presence of the Announce bot in the Members List:

The above output indicates that the Announce bot has been successfully added to the server.

How to Use Announce Bot on Discord?

Every bot in Discord has its set of commands which performs specific activities. A default prefix is used before writing any discord bot commands. Announce bot uses the forward slash “/” as a prefix. To check all the commands available for the Announce bot, type in “/” in the message section of the server:

Next, select the Announce bot icon from the appeared menu to view all the Announce bot commands:

Now, to use an Announce bot command, follow the steps demonstrated below.

Step 1: Insert the Command

To insert a command, go to the message section of the server and type the command according to your requirement. For instance, we have used the “/announce now” command to create an announcement message for the channel. This command is followed by the name of the channel and the announcement message as shown below:

/announce now channel <channel name> message <announcement message>

Step 2: View the Result

To view the output, hit the Enter key and the announcement message will appear in the chat of the channel as shown below:

That is all about the Announce bot on Discord. 


To invite the Announce bot, navigate to the “” website and click on the “Invite” button. Next, choose the server, grant the necessary permissions, and click on the “Authorize” button. To use the Announce bot, “/” is used as a prefix such as the “/announce now” command which is used to make an announcement in a channel. This article has provided the complete method to add and use Announce bot on Discord.