How to Add Atlas Bot on Discord?

Discord is a widely used communication platform by users all over the world. Discord allows users to create a community based on similar interests referred to as a Discord server. In these servers, users are assigned roles for moderating certain activities in a server. However, handling moderation activities becomes a difficult task for a larger server. That is why admins use various Discord bots to automate these activities.

Many people use the Atlas bot on Discord to make their life easy. Atlas bot is a multi-purpose Discord bot that provides users with customizable commands, reaction roles, moderation activities, and many other features. All these features make the Atlas Discord bot an appealing choice.

This article will elaborate on Atlas Discord Bot using the following outline:

  1. How to Add Atlas Bot on Discord?
  2. How to Use Atlas Bot on Discord?

How to Add Atlas Bot on Discord?

Atlas Discord Bot also allows users to add plugins to the Discord bot. Each plugin in Atlas Discord Bot provides a unique feature. To add Atlas Bot on Discord, follow the steps exhibited below.

Step 1: Invite Atlas Bot

Open your favorite browser and visit its official website. Then, click on the blow-highlighted “Get Started” button to invite the Atlas bot to the Discord server:

Step 2: Authorize the Access

Click on the ”Authorize” button to grant the Atlas bot access to the Discord account:

Step 3: Select the Server

Select the desired server by clicking on the server icon to add the Discord bot:

Step 4: Invite Atlas Bot

A new window will appear with the previously selected Discord server as a default server for the Atlas Bot. Hit the “Continue” button:

Step 5: Grant Permissions

Provide the required permissions to the Atlas bot by marking the checkboxes. Then, hit the “Authorize” button:

Step 6: Mark Captcha

Mark the captcha highlighted below for human verification purposes. After that, the Atlas bot will be added to the selected server:

Step 7: Verification

For verification, launch the Discord application and go to the server where Atlas Bot was invited:

Next, press the below-highlighted “Show Members List” icon and verify the presence of the Atlas bot in the member’s list:

The above result shows that the Atlas bot is added to the Discord server.

How to Use Atlas Bot on Discord?

Like many other Discord bots, Atlas Discord bot also uses a forward slash “/” as a default prefix before using any commands. To check all of the Atlas bot commands, type a “/” in the message section of the server:

Next, a menu will appear showing the commands of Discord bots. Select the Atlas Discord bot icon from the left menu bar to view Atlas Bot commands:

To use the Atlas bot commands on Discord, follow the procedure demonstrated below,

Step 1: Insert the Command

Go to the message section of the server channel and write the Atlas bot command. For instance, the “/setup” is used to show the user how to set up the Atlas bot to use its features:


Step 2: View the Output

Hit the Enter key to view the result of the command. The output will be shown in the chat of the Discord server:

That is all about the Atlas bot on Discord. 


To add the Atlas bot to a Discord server, first, go to its official site. Press the “Get Started” button, and choose the server to which you want to add the bot. Next, provide all the necessary permissions to the Atlas Bot and press the “Authorize” button. To use the bot, add a “/” before writing the command like the “/setup” command that shows how to set up the Atlas bot to use its features. This article is a complete guide on adding and using the Atlas bot on Discord.