How to Add Autorole Discord Bot?

Autorole Discord bot automates the process of assigning roles to new members. This bot is useful for large servers where manual role assignments become tedious and time-consuming. The Autorole bot automatically assigns roles based on specific rules and adding it will be discussed in this article based on the below outline.

  1. How to Add “Autorole” Discord Bot?
  2. Autorole Discord Bot Commands
  3. Features of Autorole Bot

How to Add “Autorole” Discord Bot?

You can add the Autorole Discord bot by following the below steps.

Step 1: Invite Autorole Discord Bot

First, open the website and then click on the invite button:

Step 2: Add Autorole Discord Bot to Your Server

To add an Autorole Discord bot to your server, you need to provide the name of the server where you want to add this bot and then press the “Continue” button:

Step 3: Provide Necessary Permissions

A list of permissions will be displayed that needs to be checked or unchecked based on the user preference and then press the “Authorize” button:

Lastly, mark the captcha for human verification to add the bot to the selected Discord server:

Autorole Discord Bot Commands

A user can access the autorole bot commands by inserting the backslash (/) key from inside the server chat and all the commands will pop up:

Features of Autorole Bot

Some of the key features of the Autorole Discord bot are explained below.

Fully Customizable: The Autorole bot is fully customizable, meaning you can configure it to your liking. You can set up the bot to assign roles based on various criteria such as server join date, total server time, or number of messages sent. You can also configure the bot to assign different roles based on the user’s level or rank.

Simple and Intuitive Web Dashboard: The Autorole bot features a simple and intuitive web dashboard that makes it easy to configure and manage the bot. The web dashboard allows you to customize the bot’s settings, view logs, and monitor the bot’s activity. 

Automatic Role Assignments: The Autorole bot automatically assigns roles to new members based on specific criteria. The bot assigns roles based on rules that you configure, such as server join date or total server time.

Leveling System: The Autorole bot features a leveling system that assigns roles based on a member’s level. The bot uses a logarithmic function to calculate a member’s level based on their total server time or number of messages sent. The leveling system is a fun way to encourage engagement on your server and reward members for their activity.

Integration with Membership Screening: The Autorole bot can be integrated with Discord’s Membership Screening feature, allowing the bot to automatically assign roles to members who pass the screening process. This feature is useful for servers that require new members to go through a screening process before joining.


The “Autorole” Discord bot is useful for managing larger Discord servers. It allows for the automatic assignment of roles to new members. To add this bot, first visit the “” website and then press the “Invite” button. Next, provide the necessary permissions and authorization to add this bot by hitting the captcha box. This post has covered the method to add an Autorole Discord bot.