How to Add a Background in Google Docs?

Google Docs is a free editing tool for collaboratively writing and designing documents. It offers various functionalities such as “merging table cells”, “inserting a row”, “embedding documents”,” adding a background” and much more. The purpose of this post is to demonstrate the possible methods to add a background in Google Docs.

Let’s start with the method.

How to Add Background in Google Docs?

Some steps are explained below to add a background in Google Docs using the “Page setup” option. Let us start with the first step:

Step 1: Open Google Docs Document

Initially, open a Google Doc on the local system. Select a blank(or an existing document). In this method, a current document is used to add a background:

Step 2: Open Page Setup

Navigate the “File” tab and select the “Page setup” option from the drop-down menu:

Step 3: Add Page Color

From the “Page setup” window, click on the “Page colour” option:

For the entire document, we picked the “light red 3” color. The user can pick any color according to the choice:

After picking the desired color, click on the “OK” button. The background will automatically add to the entire document, which can be seen in the following window:

That’s all about the web version of Google Docs. The same practice can be followed on the Mobile App version of Google Docs.

Bonus Tip: Add a Background In Google Docs Mobile App

In this method, the background will be added in Google Docs from the mobile app version. The process comprises various steps that are described below:

Let’s start with step one.

Step 1: Open Google Docs Mobile App

Open the “Google Docs” app on the mobile and select a document whose background is supposed to be added:

Step 2: Tap on the “Kebab” Menu

Tap on the three dots “Kebab” menu in the top right corner of the Google Docs document:

Step 3: Open the Page setup

A drop-down menu has been generated containing various options. Select the “Page setup” option from those:

After clicking on the highlighted option, a new “Page setup” window has been opened. This window contains four options such as “Orientation”, “Page size”, “Pageless”, and “Page color”. Choose the last “Page color” option that will be used to add a background:

Step 4: Add a Background

Now, click on the “Page color” option and choose a color. In this scenario, the following color is highlighted, as shown below:

After this process, the background color of the entire document has been changed:

At this point, all the steps are completed to add a background using Google Docs Mobile App.

That’s all about this post.


In the Google Docs desktop version or the mobile, the “Page Setup” window is utilized to add a background. This window can also be utilized by changing the margins, i.e., “Height”, “Width”, “Top”, and “Left”, page size, and the orientation of the document. The user can change the background color as per requirements. In this article, we have demonstrated all possible methods to add a background in Google Docs.