How do I Add BMO Discord Bot?

Discord is one of those applications which is loaded with a ton of features and provides an outclass user-friendly interface.  It is mainly used for communication but users can use it to automate different tasks as well with the help of the bots. One such bot is the BMO bot which supports YouTube and Spotify-type applications for playing music from them. Moreover, this bot can be used to create memes and perform image manipulation among many other features. 

The following guide will provide a detailed guide about adding BMO bot to Discord, its commands, and its users using the below outline:

  1. How to Add BMO Bot on Discord?
  2. BMO Discord Bot Commands
  3. How to use BMO Bot on Discord?

How to Add BMO Bot on Discord?

Follow the below-discussed steps to add the BMO bot to the Discord server. 

Step 1:Invite BMO Bot

First, visit the website and hit the “Invite” button to add the Bot to the Discord server:

Step 2: Selecting Server

Next, select the server from the drop-down menu and hit the “Continue” button:

Step 3: Required Authorization

A list of permissions will be displayed that can be assigned to this bot based on the user’s preference by checking the boxes. Then, hit the “Authorize” button for further proceeding:

Step 4: Complete Human Verification

Next, mark the human verification captcha and the bot will be added to the server:

Step 5: Verify Bot 

A user can further verify this by opening the server where the bot is added. Furthermore, this bot will also appear on the right side in member list: 

BMO Discord Bot Commands

The BMO support various command to play music and to manage other functionalities. To learn more about BMO bot and its commands, user can use “./help” command:


After executing it, the details regarding this bot will be sent in the private chat message:

How to use BMO Bot on Discord?

BMO bot can be used by following the below steps.

Step 1: Run Discord

Let’s open the Discord application by typing the keyword “Discord” in the Windows search bar:

Step 2: Choose Servers Channel

Now, get into that server and then the channel where a user is willing to utilize the BMO bot:

Step 3:Playing a song

The “./help music” command will provide all the relevant information regarding music:

./help music

To play a song, type the command “./Play” in the text field with the URL of the song to which a user wants to listen:

./Play <music URL>

The provided URL is from Youtube so the information regarding it will be fetched from there and the song has been played using the BMO Discord bot:  

That’s all on the guide “Add BMO Discord bot


The BMO Discord bot provides various features such as moderation, image manipulation, and playing music, and games. To add this bot user needs to open its direct link available at the website. Next, all we have to do is press “invite” button to proceed further. After that, authorize the bot by granting necessary privileges to the bot. Furthermore, this article has also a guide about accessing the BMO bot commands and how those commands can be used.