Add Cards Against Humanity Discord Bot

Discord is an application used by multiple users for different purposes like gaming, chatting, and entertainment. For this purpose, user can either create their own server or join other servers as well for engagement and collaboration with others. In these servers, different actions can be performed with the help of various bots. Similarly, Cards Against Humanity Discord Bot is used to play Cards Against Humanity game with server members.

This blog will provide the to add and use Cards Against Humanity Discord Bot.

How to Add Cards Against Humanity?

The below steps will provide you with complete knowledge on adding the cards against humanity bot to Discord.

Step 1: Inviting Bot

First, visit the website, hit the highlighted “Invite” button to start the process:

Step 2: Selecting Server

Next, select a desired server where the cards against humanity bot are required and hit the “Continue” button to proceed further:

Step 3: Authorization

Now, a list of permissions will be shown where a user can either select all by ticking the box or choose only specific ones as per their requirement. Next, press the “Authorize button at the bottom to apply the changes:

Step 4: Complete Human Verification

Complete the human verification captcha for safety purposes as shown below:

The below output shows that the Cards Against Humanity bot is successfully added to server:

Cards Against Humanity Commands

To access the Cards Against Humanity bot command, simply go to the server text box where this bot has been added and then type the forward slash /”. If multiple bots exist in the server, choose the Cards Against Humanity bot from the appeared menu and all of its commands will be listed:

How to Use Cards Against Humanity Bot?

Execute the “/decks” command to find the information on available decks:


Executing it will provide a list of two decks which are base_us and apples. The method to use these two decks is also explained:

Next, use the base_us deck id and use it in the below command:

/new deckid base_us

After executing the command, users can join the game and after that, the game can begin by clicking on “Ready to Begin”:

We have covered the method to add and use Cards Against Humanity bot.


To get started with the setup process of Discord Cards Against Humanity bot, consider opening the website, search for “Cards Against Humanity bot” and hit on the invite button. Next, allow the necessary rights to the bot and authorize it. To use the Cards Against Humanity bot, first, find the available decks by executing the “/decks” command. Then, start the game by executing “/new deckid base_us” command. This blog has illustrated the technique to add and use the “cards against humanity” bot on Discord.