How to Add Dad Bot on Discord?

A Dad Bot is a type of Discord bot that is designed to provide users with a variety of entertaining and humorous responses through certain commands. These bots are programmed with pre-set responses that are often dad jokes or other forms of light-hearted humor. 

Dad Bot can be a fun addition to any Discord server, as it can provide users with a quick laugh or a lighthearted distraction from serious conversation. This article will provide a detailed guide on the dad bot and how to add it to the Discord desktop application through the following outline:

  1. How to Add Dad Bot on Discord
  2. Dad Bot Commands
  3. Features of Dad Bot

You can follow the same outline for adding the Dad Bot on Discord mobile application as well.

How to Add Dad Bot on Discord?

Dad Bot can be added to a Discord server by following the below steps.

Step 1: Navigate to “” Website

First, open the “” website using the attached link. Then, click on the “Invite” button:

Step 2: Choose a Server

Next, log in to the Discord account if you are not logged in. Then, choose a desired server where this Dad bot needs to be added and click on the “Continue” button as shown below:

Step 3: Provide Necessary Permissions and Authorize

Next, a list of different permissions will be displayed where a user needs to choose only those that are necessary by clicking on their respective boxes. Then, click on the “Authorize” button:

Step 4: Click the Captcha Box

After that, click on the captcha box for human verification and add the Dad bot to the server:

Step 5: Dad Bot Verification

To verify if the Dad bot has been successfully added, navigate to the chosen server. Next, open the member list of the server by hitting the “Members” icon and check the Dad bot presence:

Dad Bot Commands

The Dad Bot provides users with a diverse selection of commands that allow users to interact with it in different ways. Some of the popular commands include:

/advice: This command can be used if someone is looking for advice. 

/dadjoke: This command will tell a joke to provide some humor especially if someone is feeling sad.

/dab: This command will display a random image of someone dabbing. 

/Kumiko: This command will display random pictures of “Kumiko” which is a famous character from the anime series “Hibike! Euphonium”.

/mio: “Mio” is another famous character from the anime series “K-ON” who is a famous musician and writer. Executing the “/mio” command will display her pictures.

More commands can be discovered by accessing it on the Discord server.

Features of Dad Bot 

Some of the stunning features of the Dad bot are the following.

Dad Jokes: The main feature of Dad Bot is its collection of dad jokes where users can interact with the bot by sending a message, and the bot will respond with a random dad joke.

Customizable Prefix: Dad Bot has a customizable prefix that allows servers to customize the bot to their specific needs and preferences.

Anti-Spam: Dad Bot has an anti-spam feature to ensure that the bot is not overloaded with messages and can respond to users timely.

Random Joke Generator: Dad Bot has a random joke generator which is helpful for users who want to find a joke on a particular topic or theme.

Moderation: Dad Bot has moderation features that allow server admins to control who can interact with the bot and what commands they can use. 

That’s all about the guide on adding a dad bot to the Discord server.


Dad Bot is a fun addition to any Discord server, offering a variety of jokes, fun commands, and supportive messages. To add the Dad bot to your Discord server, start by opening the “” website and clicking on the “Invite” button. Then, select the server you want to add the bot to, grant the necessary permissions, and click on the “Authorize” button. This article offers a step-by-step guide on how to add the Dad bot to your Discord server.