How to Add or Delete Columns in Google Docs Tables

Google Docs tables consist of cells arranged in columns and rows. Considering its importance, Google Docs allows users to add, delete, or modify columns in existing documents. The addition or deletion is beneficial to expand or reduce the table length according to the data. This post will demonstrate how to add or delete columns in Google Docs. The content of this guide is given below:

Let’s start with the first method.

Add Columns in Google Docs

Before starting the article, an existing table is carried out in the document. In this table, there are three columns “Name”, “Roll No.” and “Grade”

For the addition of columns, step-by-step instructions are provided here.

  • Select the “Format” tab in the menu bar of Google Docs.
  • Hover over the “Table” and select the “Insert column right” in this scenario.
  • This way, an empty column is added to the right side of the existing table of Google Docs.

After that, the user can add values to columns such as in this case, the values “Fail” and “Pass” in the “Result” column.

Similarly, the columns can be added on the left side of the table by following the same method.

Delete Columns in Google Docs

Google Docs offers an interesting method to delete columns in the existing table. For this purpose, the step-by-step instructions are given below.

  • Select the “Table” option by pressing the “Format” tab.
  • It generates the dropdown list with various sub-options.
  • Pick the “Delete column” option for deleting the column in Google Docs.

Note: The “Table” options are provided when the cursor is placed in the existing table cell.

Hence, the user can verify that the column “Result” is successfully deleted along with values in the Google Docs table.

Bonus Tip: Using Mouse for Adding or Deleting Columns in Google Docs

An alternative method is adapted for inserting or deleting columns in existing Google Docs tables. In this method, press the right button of the mouse by placing the cursor in the previous column and choosing the “Insert column right” in the dropdown list.

To delete the column in the table, the above procedure is repeated, but the mouse cursor is placed in the column that the user wants to delete. Afterward, select the “Delete column” in the generated dropdown list.

That it! This guide has demonstrated all possible methods to add or delete columns in Google Docs tables.


Google Docs provides the “Table” option to add or delete columns in Google Docs tables. This option comes from pressing the “Format” tab in the menu bar. Moreover, users can utilize the “Mouse” to add or delete columns by pressing the “Right Mouse Button” on the column. This Google Docs post has briefly described the methods to add or delete columns in Google Docs tables.