How to Add a Digital Signature to Google Docs?

The digital signature is the computerized method of signing a document. It is mainly utilized to authenticate legal documents or contracts in academic and business organizations. This Google Docs post offers the possible methods to add digital signatures to your document.

Let’s dig into the first method.

Method 1: Add Digital Signature Using Drawing Window

In Google Docs, the “Drawing” window makes life easier for users by inserting text boxes, drawing lines, and images. Adding a digital signature is a cool task that is performed into below steps:

Step 1: Open Google Docs

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For adding a digital signature, an existing document is carried out having some content already placed in it and space for signature to fill out:

Step 2: Open the Drawing Window

Go to the “Insert” tab and hover over the “Drawing” window of menubar to get the “+New”:

Step 3: Choose the Scribble icon

It navigates to the “Drawing” window. In this window, choose the “Scribble” option from the toolbar below:

Step 4: Draw Digital Signature

Using the Scribble tool, draw digital signatures according to your choice. In this window, draw the signature as “Roger” and hit the “Save and Close” button:

Step 5: Verify Digital Signature

After pasting the digital signature in the document, the user can adjust the desired position by dragging it:

That’s all from the first method.

Method 2: Add Digital Signature Using Add-ons Extension

Google Docs facilitates users to add digital signatures through the third-party extension. Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Access Add-ons Extension

Press the “Get-add-ons” option by hovering over the “Add-ons” from the “Extensions” tab of the menu bar as below:

Step 2: Search Simple Signature Extension

Navigates to the new window and type the “Simple Signature” in the search box as below:

Step 3: Install Simple Signature

Choose the “Simple Signature” extension that is enabled in Google Docs as below:

Press the “Install” button to create a custom digital signature in Google Docs:

Give permission to access the content of Google Docs by pressing the “Allow” button:

Finally, the “Simple Signature” extension has been installed in Google Docs and hit the “Done” button:

Step 4: Access the Extension

Choose the “Insert signature” option from the “Simple Signature for Google Docs” extension from the “Extensions” tab of menubar”:

Step 5: Write the Name for Digital Signature

Type the name as “Roger” in the side window of “Simple Signature” and hit the “Insert Signature” button as below:

Step 6: Verify Digital Signature

Verify the written name “Roger” is inserted into Google Docs as a digital signature. Now, users can adjust the position according to their demands:

That’s all about the guide.


Google Docs provides the “Drawing” window and “Simple Signature” extension to add a digital signature to the document. In the “Drawing” window, the “Scribble” tool enables users to draw signatures according to their requirements. The “Simple Signature” extension automatically generates the digital signature by typing the name. This guide covered every aspect of adding a digital signature in Google Docs.