How to Add and Format a Text Box in Google Docs

Google Docs entertains its users with numerous built-in functionalities. These functionalities include inserting images, adding textboxes, increasing the font size, etc. In most cases, the text boxes are formatted to beautify or differentiate the content of the text box. This post will illustrate how to add and format a text box in Google Docs. The outcome of this guide is as follows:

So, let’s start:

Add a Text Box in Google Docs

Google Docs offer a very interesting feature for simply adding text boxes. This method shows the process of adding text in Google Docs. Let’s start:

Hit the “New” button by selecting a “Drawing” window via the “Insert” tab.

It goes to the “Drawing” window, where the user can add a textbox by pressing the “Textbox” icon. Type some text in the text box, the example text box is shown below.

Now, head over for the formatting of a text box.

Format a Text Box in Google Docs

The formatting of the text box may be user dependent as Google Docs offers a variety of formatting options for a text box. Let’s discuss them:

Add a Color to the Text Box

For formatting the textbox, the user can add colors by picking the “Color” icon from the toolbar of the “Drawing” window. In the figure, the color “light cyan 3” is selected.

Add two more boxes, “Worker” and “Manager” and format the color “light cyan 3” color. After that, hit the button “Save and Close”.

After pushing the button “Save and Close”, the formatted textboxes are added to Google Docs as shown in the figure.

Change the Font Style in Text Box

Users can change the font style by clicking the “Font” icon in the “Drawing” window. In this scenario, select “Times New Roman” for the new font style.

Users can verify the “Time New Roman” font style is implemented in Google Docs.

Great Work! It is a complete guideline for the addition and formatting of a textbox in Google Docs.


Google Docs offers the “Drawing” window to add and format a textbox to documents. In this window, you can press the “Textbox” icon to insert the textbox into the canvas. Moreover, Google Docs allows users to format a textbox by adding different colors. This blog gives the step-by-step procedure for adding and formatting a textbox in Google Docs.