Enhancing Discord Server by Adding Gamble Bot Discord Bot

One can unlock the joy of online gambling and improve the Discord server with the Gamble Bot in Discord. With its seamless cooperation and communication capabilities, Discord has emerged as the preferred platform for gaming communities. Discord bots, like the Gamble Bot, are essential for improving server functionality and offering members and server owners many more features.

We will provide the step-by-step method of adding Gamble Bot to Discord in this article.

Note: In order to add a Gamble bot in Discord mobile app, the user can use the same procedure as on Discord Desktop.

What is the Gamble Bot in Discord?

The Discord Gamble Bot is a flexible and engaging bot that introduces virtual gambling experiences to Discord servers, enabling users to participate in a variety of gambling games and experience an engaging and enjoyable environment for server users.

How to Add the Gamble Bot in Discord?

To add the Gamble Bot in Discord, follow the below-mentioned steps and start enjoying virtual gaming. 

Step 1: Add the Gamble Bot to Discord

Navigate to the top.gg website URL in the web browser and click on the “Invite” button to add the Gamble Bot to the Discord server:

When the “Invite” button is clicked, it will navigate to the Discord Log-in page. Provide your login credential for your Discord account and proceed. 

Step 2: Select the Discord Server

After that, the user will be directed to the dialog box selecting the Discord server. Select the Discord server to which Gamble Bot is supposed to add and then click on the “Continue” button:

Now you are directed towards the “Request to Permissions” section.

Step 3: Grant the Requested Permissions

Now, it will ask to grant some permissions for the smooth functionality of the Gamble Bot. Grant the requested permission by clicking on the “Authorize” button:

To complete the authorization, confirm that you are not a bot by completing the captcha, and the Gamble Bot is added to the server:

This “Success” message is the confirmation of the addition of the Gamble Bot to the Discord server. 

Step 4: Confirmation

Next, open the Discord app and navigate to the server where the Gamble bot is added. After that, confirm the Gamble bot presence in the server member list:

In the next section, we will explore some basic features and commands for using the Gamble Bot in Discord. 

Describe the Features of the Gamble Bot in Discord?

To improve the experience of virtual gaming, Gamble Bot offers a wide range of features among which some are mentioned below.

Gambling Games: Play a number of virtual gambling games that provide exciting and action entertainment, including slots and dice.

Customization Options: The Gamble Bot’s settings can be configured to the requirements according to the server. To build a custom gambling experience, update betting limits, game mechanics, and currency names.

Interactive Commands: Use a variety of interactive commands to communicate with and learn more about the Gamble Bot.

Leaderboards: The built-in leaderboards of the bot allow you to keep track of and display the top players in gambling activities on the server.

Continuous Support: Bug fixes, new features, and continuous support for Discord server owners are all provided by the developers of the Gamble Bot through frequent updates and maintenance.

How to Use the Commands of Gamble Bot in Discord?

Some of the important commands to manage and use the Gamble Bot in Discord are mentioned in the table:

/helpThis command will display the links which provide you help to manage the Gamble Bot
/leaderboardIt will display the top bank balances
/patIt is used to pat the someone
/colorThe messaging’s colour will change
/sendIt is used to transfer the amounts to other users
/diceIt is used to roll the dice and win the amounts
/hourlyIt is used to get the tokens after every hour
/withdrawIt is used to withdraw the amounts from the banks

To explain the usage of the Gamble Bot’s command in Discord, we will unbox the mystery box. To do so, type the below-mentioned command in the text channel of the server:


Press the ENTER key to execute the command:

Unfortunately, we cannot open the mystery box because it is not available in the inventory. To add it to the inventory, we have to purchase it from the goldshop by paying its price.

That’s all about the Gamble bot in Discord.


To add the Gamble Bot to Discord, visit the top.gg website and click on the “Invite” button to add the Gamble Bot to your Discord server after requesting some permissions. To use the Gamble bot in Discord, use the forward slash “/” prefix along with command such as the “/mysterybox” command to unbox the mystery box. In this post, simple steps are discussed to add and use the Gamble Bot in Discord.