How to Add/Use Green-bot Discord Bot?

Discord is a multi-functional communication platform that supports bots technology to automate tasks. Green-bot is a musical-type bot that enables the user to enjoy high-quality music on servers from different platforms like SoundCloud and Spotify. Apart from these, it also offers the 24/7 feature to play endless songs all the time.

This article will illustrate how to add a Green-bot Discord bot.

How to Add Green-bot Discord Bot?

To add the Green-bot Discord bot to the server, go through the following instructions.

Step 1: Add Green-bot

Launch your favorite browser and go to Green-bot’s official site. Then, press the “Add To Discord”:

Step 2: Server Selection

Make the server selection from the “ADD TO SERVER” drop-down and click on “Continue”:

Step 3: Grant Privileges

Allow the necessary privileges to the Green-bot by selecting or deselecting the checkboxes and clicking on the “Authorize”:

Step 4: Validate Captcha

Mark and verify the given captcha for adding the Green-bot Discord bot:

Upon doing so, the Green bot will be added to the particular server.

Step 5: Verify the Results

To verify that Green-bot is added, launch Discord and enter into the respective. Check the availability of the bot in the member list:

The Green-bot is added to the server and available in the member list.

How to Play Songs Using Green-bot Discord Bot?

Let’s play a song using the Green-bot on the server. To do so, see the given step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Join Voice Channel

Go to the server in which the Green-bot is available and join the preferred voice channel:

Step 2: Search Song

To search for the song, type the search command with “*”, provide the song name, and hit the Enter button:

*search industry babe

Step 3: Play Song

The search results will be listed, provide your choice for the song and press Enter:

In our case, the “1” choice is selected.

Step 4: Check Results

Once you enter the song choice, the Green-bot will start playing the particular song:

The user can “Stop”, “Pause”, “Skip” and “Like” the songs from the given options.

Commands For Green-bot Discord Bot

To get a detailed list of commands to use the Green-bot Discord bot, type the help command with “*” prefix:


All commands for using the Green-bot have been listed.

Bonus Tip: How to Remove Green-bot Discord Bot?

If you want to remove the Green-bot from the server, follow the given procedure.

Step 1: Right-click on Green-bot

Open the Discord app, visit the Discord server where Green-bot is added, and right-click on it from member list:

Step 2: Remove Green-bot

From the opened drop-down, click on the “Kick Green-bot” option and proceed:

Step 3: Enter Reason

Add the reason for removing the Green-bot and click on the “Kick” button:

The Green-bot Discord bot will be removed. That’s it for Green-bot Discord bot.


To add the Green-bot Discord bot, navigate to its official website and press the “Add To Discord” button. Select the server from the drop-down list and grant the required privileges. Then, mark and verify the captcha. Launch the Discord application and verify the presence of the bot in the member list. To play the song using the Green-bot, join the voice channel and type the “*search” command along with a query to search the song. This post has illuminated the step-by-step guide to add and use the Green-bot Discord bot.