How to Add Page Numbers in Google Docs

Numbering is the essential way to find or search out the page number of any topic. The page numbers specifically assist in printing the specific page number among hundreds of pages. Moreover, it reduces the time and effort of publishers, editors, and authors. Google Docs has a built-in feature for adding page numbers to the complete document. This article demonstrates various methods for adding page numbers in Google Docs.

The guidelines for this post are listed here:

Let’s get into the first method:

Method 1: Using the Format Button to Add Page Numbers

Page numbering is the basic requirement for preparing any academic or business document. It is useful to access a specific topic through a page number. The method provides step-by-step guidance to add the page numbers in Google Docs:

Step 1: Open Docs

Open the browser’s window, and the “Docs” icon is selected, which navigates to the built-in templates of Google Docs:

Step 2: Open a blank/existing Doc file

Choose the “Blank” document for adding the page numbers (one can open the existing document). The screenshot is as follows by selecting the new document in Google Docs:

Step 3: Select Page numbers Option

Click the “Format” option from the menu bar and then select the “Page numbers” option from the dropdown menu:

Once you have clicked on it, you will get the following interface where you can set the page number’s settings:

  • Set the position of the page numbers (either in the footer or the header).
  • You can opt to show the page number on the first page (usually, the title/introductory pages do not contain page numbers, so that this option can be utilized in this regard).

Step 4: Verify the Page Numbers

Once all is done. Verify the page numbers in that document. The screenshot shows that the page number is put on the header:

That’s all from the first method! Let’s have a look at the second method of adding page numbers.

Method 2: Using the Insert Button to Add Page Numbers

The following steps are carried out to add page numbers from the “Insert” option of the Google Doc:

Step 1: Select the Page numbers

Open the Doc file. Click on the “Insert” option from the menu bar and navigate to the “Page numbers” as shown below. Using this method, some built-in formats for page numbers are available. Users can choose one of them:

Moreover, users can select “More options” to customize the page number’s settings, such as “Position”, “Numbering”, etc. After that, hit the “Apply” button:

Step 2: Verify the Page Numbers

Now, verify the page numbering in your document file:

That it! You have complete knowledge of adding the page numbering in Google Docs.


In Google Docs, page numbers are added by selecting the “Page numbers” option from the “Format” and “Insert” options from the menu bar. After selecting the option, the page numbering is written throughout the document. Moreover, users can add page numbers, excluding the first page, mostly used in academic and business documentation. In this post, you have learned two methods for adding page numbers in Google Docs.