How Can I Add People to a Discord Call?

Discord is a famous communication platform that connects users all around the world through text chat, voice, and video calls. Users can also stream games or movies while staying connected to their friends. In this way, they can hang out virtually while sitting in their homes. Discord also let its users make a call with numerous people at a time.

This article will provide the procedure to add people to a call on Discord. 

How to Add People to a Discord Call?

Discord lets users add multiple people to a call at once, rather than a typically one-to-one phone conversation. Users can add people to a Discord call in various ways:

  1. By Sending an Invitation Link
  2. By Creating a Group Call

Add Users to a Discord Call by Sending an Invitation Link

Users can add people to Discord calls using an invitation link. Before sending an invitation link, first, let’s start a Discord call. For demonstration, follow the provided instructions. 

Step 1: Select a Friend

To start a Discord call, launch the Discord application and select the friend by clicking on its username. For instance, a friend named “HansJoe” is selected here:

Step 2: Start a Call

Next, click on the below-highlighted “Phone” icon to start the call:

Upon doing so, the voice call will be started as shown below:

Step 3: Add More People

Now, press the below-highlighted “Add Friends to DM” icon to further add users to a Discord call: 

The “Select Friends” box will appear. Select the friends by clicking on their usernames. Then, hit the “Create DM” button:

After successfully creating a group DM, click on “Add Friends to DM” to add more people to the call:

The “Select Friends” window will appear again. Hit the “Copy” button to copy the invite link:

The above-copied link can be sent to any user and upon clicking the link, the user will directly connect to the ongoing Discord call. 

Add Users to a Discord Call by Creating a Group Call

Users can create a group and call all their friends in the group at the same time. To do that, go to the group that we created in the previous method and press the “Start Voice Call” button:

Upon doing so, the group call will start with all the friends at once:

That is all about adding people to a Discord call.


To add people on a Discord call, select a friend and press the “Start Voice Call” icon. Add more people by clicking on the “Add to Group DM” icon. After that, send them an invitation link. Users can also create a group with multiple members and start a voice call with all of the people at once. This article has provided multiple methods to add people to a Discord call.