How to Add rat facts Discord Bot?

Discord bots are the pre-programmed technology that assists the user to automate the server tasks. Each type of bot is available, adding them to the server based on their needs. However, if the user is an animal lover specifically rats, the rat facts Discord bots come in handy. Using this bot, the user can get facts, jokes, pictures, and also a quiz activity regarding rats to spend leisure time.

This write-up will provide the instructions on adding the rat facts Discord bot.

Add rat facts Discord Bot

For adding the rat facts Discord bot, the following guidelines are considered.

Step 1: Invite rat facts

First, open  the browser, approach the “” site, and hit “Invite” to invite the bot:

Log in to your Discord account if required.

Step 2: Server Selection

Next, select the server from the drop-down named “ADD TO SERVER” and press “Continue”:

Step 3: Grant Privileges

Grant the necessary privileges by marking the checkboxes for rat facts Discord bot and press “Authorize” to continue:

Step 4: Validate Captcha

Mark and validate the provided captcha for adding the rat facts Discord bot:

The rat facts bot will be added to the server.

Step 5: Verify the Results

To verify that the rat facts bot is added, launch the Discord application, open the respective server, and confirm the presence of the rat facts bot in the member list:

Use rat facts Discord Bot

To use the rat facts Discord bot, utilize the “/” as a prefix to run any rat facts bot command and check the results. Let’s have a look at a practical demonstration.

Step 1: Enter Command

To get the joke reading rats, enter the following command and hit the Enter key:


Step 2: Check the Results

Once the user use the joke command, the random joke for the rat will be shown:

Commands For rat facts Discord Bot

/jokeDisplay the joke about rats.
/factsDisplay the facts about rats
/quizTake a rat quiz
/picDisplay the picture of a rat
/8ballPredicts the future of the user.

Bonus Tip: Remove rat facts Discord Bot

For removing the rat facts Discord bot, follow the below guide.

Step 1: Right-click on rat facts

Enter into the preferred server and right-click on the rat facts Discord bot available in the member list:

Step 2: Remove rat facts

From the opened drop-down, click on the “Kick rat facts” button and proceed:

Step 3: Specify Reason

Specify the reason to kick the rat facts bot and click on the “Kick” button:

The rat facts bot will be removed from the server. We have wrapped all aspects of adding and using the rat facts Discord bot.


To add the rat facts Discord bot, invite the bot from the given website, select the server from the list, and grant the required permissions. Afterward, confirm the provided captcha and verify the accessibility of the bot in the server member list. This article has provided the complete detail about rat facts Discord bot.