How to Add RinBot to Your Discord Server

Bots are one of the best additions that a Discord server administrator can make to catch the audience’s attention or customize the server. Discord bots are primarily designed in such a way that they keep users engaged with them, such as playing quiz games with the user. Such things make a Discord server interesting and help the owners of the server to grow their audience.

This post will show how we can add and use RinBot to the Discord server.

How to Add RinBot to the Discord Server

RinBot is for anime lovers because it creates hype first and then gives a chance to the user to guess the anime character, small chunks of songs, and short parts of videos. RinBot is not only limited to anime enthusiasts, it also provides a variety of different guessing games.

To add the RinBot within a Discord server, there are two methods which are listed below:

  1. Using the Discord app directory
  2. Using RinBot’s official website

Let’s get started with the app directory first!

Method 1: Adding RinBot Using the Discord App Directory

Currently, the Discord app directory can only be accessed from Desktop devices. It contains a huge number of bots that are trusted by Discord and completely safe to use. We can easily search for RinBot in it and directly add it from the app directory by using the mentioned steps.

  1. On the top-left side, click on the server’s name and select “App Directory” from the drop-down list.
  1. Within the search bar, type “Rin” and select the first result “RinBot” from the appeared list.
  1. Now, all we have to do is tap on the “Add to Server” button.
  1. Under the “ADD TO SERVER:” section, select the server and click “Continue”.
  1. Grant permissions to the bot by pressing the “Authorize” button.
  1. Confirm the robot verification captcha by tapping on the checkbox as shown below.
  1. After that, a verification message will be shown by Discord. Either go to the server to use it or close the dialog box.

Method 2: Adding RinBot Using the Official Website

Creators of Bots often launch/build their own platform so the Discord server administrators can visit and add bots directly to their server. Moreover, such a platform contains proper documentation, guides, or commands related to that specific bot. So, to add the RinBot from its officially developed platform, let’s walk through the given steps.

  1. Launch the browser and search for RinBot on Google. On the appearance of the search results, select the official website of RinBot.
  1. On the RinBot official website, click on the “Invite RinBot to your server” button.
  1. This will start the RinBot integration process with the specific selected server. Just continue, authorize, and verify the captcha to complete the process.

How to Kick RinBot to Discord Server

  1. Right-click on the RinBot and click on the option “Kick RinBot”.
  1. A dialogue box will appear on the screen with two options, one of them is cancel and the other is kick. Only hit the “Kick” button to remove the RinBot from the server.

Adding & Removing Discord RinBot Using a Mobile Phone

To add RibBot in Discord using a mobile phone, visit the official website and repeat the steps that are described above. 

However, to delete the RinBot from a Discord server, we need to access the member list by clicking on its icon located in the top right corner and then we have to tap on the RinBot. 

By doing so we can access more options; simply scroll and find the “Kick” button. 

On the confirmation page, again tap on the kick to complete the action.

How to Use RinBot on Discord

To “use RinBot on Discord”, approach the message box of that specific server where the RinBot is added and execute the commands in the following way:



Adding a “/” before writing the RinBot command is necessary. Additionally, when a slash is typed in the chat box, we get an overview of all RibBot commands as shown below.

Here, let’s run a command “/sg” and the bot will start showing anime images including hints to guess the anime series name.

RinBot Command

RinBot supports more than thirty-five (35+) commands and some of them are listed below:

  • /help: This will list down all commands along with their working.
  • /lang: Check or update the language
  • /mydifficulty: Change the difficulty level
  • /sgc: Starts a round in which a character is guessed by the user
  • /stopg: Stop the round which is being continued
  • /alltop: Show the top players of the Game on a server
  • /myscore: Shows how much score you have made

Rinbot takes five seconds before starting each game round.


To add the Discord RinBot, we will either use the “App Directory” of Discord or visit the “RinBot official website”. Simply invite the RinBot, select the server, and authorize the permission; moreover, verify the captcha at last to complete the integration process. In case RinBot is no longer needed, simply kick the bot from the server by accessing its menu. In this guide, we have learned how to add and use the RinBot on Discord.