How to Add RoVer Bot to Discord

Discords have become a popular platform offering a wide range of features to gamers, students, and professionals. There are a number of bots that are used for different applications, one of them is the RoVer Bot. RoVer Bot is similar to other bots and can be integrated with Discord to enhance the user’s experience by providing them with many features. 

This post will provide the method of adding the RoVer Bot in Discord and also have an overview of the RoVer Bot with its features. 

Note: The same procedure can be followed to add the RoVer Bot to the server on Discord mobile.

What is a RoVer Bot?

RoVer Bot is a bot that can be added to Discord to enhance the management of tasks and it also provides features for entertainment. RoVer Bot makes server management much more convenient by using its moderation tools. The moderation tools include the kick, and ban commands, and tracking of critical events for monitoring the server. 

RoVer Bot also provides the feature to tune your favourite voice channels to its community members. It can also permit us to create our own custom commands for the automation of the repetitive process which saves time. 

How to Add the RoVer Bot in Discord?

To add the RoVer Bot in Discord, we will follow the steps mentioned below with the demonstration. 

Step 1: Add the RoVer Bot to Discord

First, visit the official website of the RoVer Bot, and click on the “Add RoVer now” option to add the bot in Discord:

It will request you to sign in to your Discord account.

Step 2: Log in with Discord

Now, log in to the Discord account by clicking on the “Log in with Discord” option:

Enter your Discord account credentials to log in to the Discord account.

Step 3: Grant the Requested Permissions

The RoVer bot will request different permissions including the server’s name in which the RoVer bot is supposed to be added. Allow the permissions by clicking on the “Authorize” option:

It will show you different servers from which you are supposed to choose your server. 

Step 4: Select the Server

Choose the server in which the RoVer bot is supposed to be added. For instance, we have selected “ILF’s” server:

Confirm the server as well as allow the developer with some basic permissions and click on the “Continue” option: 

Again, it will request some more permissions, grant them and click on the “Authorize” option to proceed next step:

After granting the requested permissions, it will confirm that you are not a bot by providing a captcha:

When the confirmation is authenticated, the bot is successfully added to the Discord but before using it, the bot requires some configuration which is discussed in the next section. 

How to Configure the RoVer Bot in Discord?

When the RoVer bot is added to Discord, you are supposed to verify the RoVer bot with the “Roblox”. To do so, navigate to home page of the official website of the “RoVer Bot”, click on the “Verification”:

Choose the options provided on the screen and then click on the “Continue” button:

Now, log in with the “Roblox Account” to verify the RoVer bot:

Click on the “Continue” button to log in with the “Roblox Account”:

Grant the permission to the Roblox to verify the RoVer Bot:

RoVer bot is verified, now update the “Roles”:

Click on the server in which you want to update the roles:

Open the Discord application and see the RoVer bot is online in server member list:

How to Use the Commands of RoVer Bot in Discord?

We can use the forward slash “/” as a prefix in the messages section which will display different bots along with respective commands. Select the RoVer Bot icon from the appeared menu:

Now, the user can see the commands of the RoVer bot and can use any of them. For instance, we will use the “/verify” to verify the Discord user’s role:


Press the ENTER key to execute the command. This output shows that we have verified the user role and update is completed:

Likewise, different commands of the RoVer bot can be executed.

What are the Benefits of the RoVer Bot in Discord?

The important features or benefits of using and selecting the RoVer bot in Discord are explained below: 

  • Privacy: Access to your server can only be granted to those users who have Roblox accounts.
  • Role Bindings: You can bind unlimited roles to friends with the RoVer bot.
  • User Interface (UI): Rover connects with the Discord UI, allowing you to quickly update a user as needed.
  • No Advertisement: The revenue of the RoVer bot is coming from the server’s owners so they make sure that no advertisement can be seen using the RoVer bot. 

That’s all about Discord RoVer Bot.


To add the RoVer Bot in Discord, visit the official website of the RoVer bot and add the bot to your Discord server. Configure the RoVer bot by binding the roles and required permissions. After that, you can use the Rover Bot command in a server such as the “/verify” command to verify the user’s roles. The explanation of the RoVer bot including the method of adding it to Discord and its features is discussed in this post.