How to Add Security Discord Bot?

Security Bot is used for server moderation to prevent users from destroying your community in seconds. It is known for its advanced anti-nuke features that make it a powerful tool for keeping your server safe. It has several features that make it one of the best bots for securing your Discord community. 

How this bot can be added and what other features it has to offer will be discussed in this article.

How to Add Security Discord Bot?

The below steps can help users to add the security Discord bot to any server.

Step 1: Invite Security Discord Bot

First, open the official website of the security Discord bot by clicking on this link and then click on the “Add Security” button:

Step 2: Add Security Discord Bot to Your Server

Now press the drop-down menu icon where a list of all servers will be displayed and use needs to select that server where they are intended to add this bot by clicking on the “Continue” button:

Step 3: Provide Necessary Permissions

Next, click on the “Administrator” box to check it which will help users to fully utilize this bot and then press the “Authorize” button:

For security purpose, a user needs to check the box stating that “I am human” and after verification, the security Discord bot will be authorized and added to the selected server.

Discord Security Bot Dashboard

The security bot comes with its own dashboard which allows user to manage their server using a graphical user interface (GUI):

Securit Bot Commands

All of the commands associated with this bot can be accessed by first launching the server where this bot has been added. Next type the backslash key in that server chat box which will provide the list of all available commands:

Key Features of Security Discord Bot

Some of the key features of security Discord Bot are discussed below:

Anti-Nuke Protection: One of the standout features of Security Bot is its powerful anti-nuke protection. It can detect and prevent users from taking control of your server by destroying channels, roles, and more.

Advanced Moderation: Security Bot has advanced moderation features such as banning, unban, tempban, softban, mute, and unmute. These features help keep your server safe from trolls and spammers.

Customizable Settings: The bot has customizable settings that allow you to fine-tune its features to suit your community’s needs. You can adjust the sensitivity of the anti-nuke protection, configure warning messages, and more.

Multi-Language Support: Security Bot has multi-language support, which makes it accessible to users from different parts of the world.


The Security Discord Bot is a powerful moderation bot that provides advanced anti-nuke and anti-spam protection features to protect your server from malicious attacks. With a range of moderation features and advanced moderation features, it makes it easy to manage your community and keep it safe from spammers. The detailed process of adding this bot to any Discord server have been discussed in this article.