How to Add and Set Up Wordle Discord Bot?

Discord facilitates the user with pre-programmed AI-generated bots that perform operations in automatic behaviors. Wordle is a Discord bot that enables the user to play the word game with a quick response. The user has to guess the letter that comprises 5 letters, and the bot will highlight words with different colors as a hint. 

This blog post will provide the instructions for adding and setting up the Wordle bot in Discord.

Note: The given instructions for adding and setting up the Wordle Discord can also be implemented on the mobile app of Discord. 

How to Set Up and Add the Wordle Discord Bot?

The following instructions are followed to add and set up the Wordle bot in the Discord server.

Step 1: Invite Wordle

First, open the browser, access the Wordle bot here, and press the “Invite this Bot” button to invite it to the server:

Step 2: Log In to Discord

A login page will be opened, enter the credentials of your account and press the “Log in” button:

Step 3: Select Server

Then, select the desired server from the “ADD TO SERVER” list and press the “Continue” button:

Step 4: Allow Permissions

From the given interface, allow the required permissions to bot and hit the “Authorize” button:

Step 5: Mark Captcha

Finally, mark the given human verification captcha in order to add the Wordle bot to the server:

Step 6: Verification

The server will have a Wordle bot. For confirmation, launch the Discord application, open the particular server, and verify Wordle bot presence in the member list of the server:

The Wordle bot is added to the server.

Commands For the Wordle Discord Bot

Commands for using the Wordle bot in Discord are described in the table.

Commands Description
/helpDisplay the help for using the Wordle bot.
/rulesDisplay the rules of the game.
/wordleStart the Wordle game for single/multiple users.
/guessThis command guesses the word in the current game
/quitQuit the Wordle game.
/statsDisplay statistics for the previous Wordle game.

Bonus Tip: How to Remove Wordle Discord Bot?

If the user wants to remove the Wordle bot from Discord, consider the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Navigate to Wordle

Launch the Discord app and go to the specific server from the sidebar. Navigate to the Wordle bot in the member list and right-click on it:

Step 2: Kick Wordle

To continue, click on the “Kick Wordle” from the appeared drop-down:

Step 3: Specify Reason

Enter and specify the reason for removing the Wordle Discord bot and hit the “Kick” button:

The Wordle Discord bot will be removed from the server.


To add and set up the Wordle Discord bot, access it from the “” site and press the “Invite this Bot” to invite it to the server. Then, select the desired server, give the necessary permissions for the Wordle bot, and validate the captcha. After that, confirm its availability in the member list of the particular server. This blog has demonstrated the step-by-step procedure to add and set up the Wordle Discord bot.