How to Add Text Using Textbox in Google Docs?

In Google Docs, adding text through textboxes is a key feature to discriminate a specific phrase from the rest of the document. Users can add text with styles such as color effects, strikethrough, underlining, etc. In this Google Docs post, we will demonstrate a step-by-step guide to adding text using textbox.

Let’s start the guide!

How to Add Text Using Textbox in Google Docs?

The text box facility is available through the drawing feature of Google Docs. Therefore, the drawing window will be used here to insert a textbox. Let’s head over to the steps now:

Step 1: Open the Drawing Window

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To access the “Drawing” window, hit the “New” button from the “Insert” tab of the menu bar as visualized below:

Step 2: Add a Text box

It navigates to the “Drawing” window on which the user can add a text box by clicking the “Text box” icon from the toolbar as seen below:

Step 3: Add Text and Customize the Textbox

Users can write any message, quote, or information (which they want to add through textbox) as seen below:

Fill Color

Users can choose different colors to fill with the added text. In this scenario, the “blue” color is selected:

Add Border Color

Drawing window assists users in adding border color around the added text by hovering the “Border color” icon that is located in the toolbar of the window:

Add Border weight

In this window, users can enable the border weight by picking the icon named “Border weight” as highlighted below. After that, hit the “Save and Close” button to paste the customized added text in Google Docs:

Step 4: Verify Added Text

Finally, you can authenticate the text has been added with some customization in Google Docs:

This is all about this interesting tutorial.


In Google Docs, you can add text by hovering over the “Text box” icon from the “Drawing” window. The “Drawing” window is available by pressing the “New” button from the “Insert” tab. Moreover, this window has some extended features to add borders, fill text boxes, and insert images in the added text. This guide has explained the method to add text through the textbox in Google Docs.