How do I Add Tweetshift Discord Bot

Discord is currently one of the most famous apps due to its well-known and unique features that are not available elsewhere. One such feature is the addition of Discord bots to the server to enhance its functionality. There are some bots that are specifically designed for Twitter users, so if you are a Twitter follower as well then you can add the tweetShift bot to your server. 

This guide will provide comprehensive detail on how to add a Tweetshift bot, its commands, usage, and dashboard.

Note: The same process of adding the TweetShift Discord bot to the server can be followed by mobile users as well.

How to Add Tweetshift Discord Bot

Follow the below steps to add the TweetShift bot on Discord:

Step 1: Inviting Bot

First, visit the official TweetShift Discord bot website, and hit the highlighted “Invite to Server” button to start the process:

Step 2: Selecting Server

Next, select a desired server where the TweetShift bot is required using the drop-down menu and hit the “Continue” button to proceed further:

Step 3: Authorization

Now, a list of permissions will be shown where a user can either select all by ticking the box or choose only specific ones as per their requirement. Next, press the “Authorize” button at the bottom to apply the changes:

Step 4: Complete Human Verification

Complete the human verification captcha for safety purposes as shown below:

It can be seen that the TweetShift bot has been authorized and added to the selected server:

Step 5: Verification

After launching Discord, navigate to the server where the TweetShift bot is added. Then, check whether the bot exists in the server member list or not:

TweetShift Discord Bot Commands

To access the TweetShift bot command, simply go to the server text box where this bot has been added and then type the forward slash /”. If multiple bots exist in the server, choose the TweetShift bot from the appeared menu and all of its commands will be listed:

How to Use TweetShift Discord Bot?

There are various commands available for the TweetShift Discord bot and one such command is written below:

This command is used to follow the provided Twitter account name which is “ItsLinuxFoss” and then post the tweets in the “General” channel. It will post links associated with the Twitter account, and also users can retweet. No one would get any notification regarding the new tweet as “Don’t ping anyone” has been chosen.

TweetShift Discord Bot Dashboard

The TweetShift Discord bot has its own dashboard as well which can be linked with the user’s Discord account and then the information will be displayed regarding the tweets:

That’s all about Tweetshift discord bot.


The TweetShift Discord is specifically designed for those users who are regular followers of the Twitter application. To add the TweetShift bot in Discord, first, navigate to its official website and invite the bot to the server. Next, allow the necessary rights to the bot and authorize it. In order to use the TweetShift bot for sharing tweets to the Discord server or other things use the “/” prefix along with the TweetShift bot command. This post has demonstrated how to add Tweetshift Discord bot.