How to Add and Use Avrae Bot on Discord

Discord is a well know socializing platform that provides many features like text, voice, and video chatting. Discord allows users to create a community of people with similar interests like gaming. These communities are referred to as Discord servers. To make things fun and increase server engagement, AI programs known as Discord Bots are added to the server. Avrae bot is one of these fun gaming Discord bots. 

This article will elaborate on the Avrae Bot on Discord using the following outline:

Note: Mobile users can also use this procedure to add the Avrae bot on Discord.

How to Add Avrae Bot on Discord?

Avrae bot is a “Dungeons and Dragons” gaming bot. Dragon and Dungeons is a famous role-playing tabletop game where players create their characters with certain specialties and embark on an adventure. Using the Avrae bot, users can emulate the D&D experience virtually on a Discord server.

To play D&D on a Discord server, the user has to add the Avrae Bot on Discord. Follow the steps demonstrated below to add the Avrae bot on Discord. 

Step 1: Invite the Avrae Bot

Open the browser, and visit the official Avrae bot website. Scroll down and press the “Invite” button to invite the Avrae Bot:

Step 2: Choose the Discord Server

Click on the “Add to Server” pull-down menu. Then, select the server where the Avrae bot will be added and hit the “Continue” button. For instance, a server named “its Linus FOSS” is selected:

Step 3: Grant Permissions

Provide the necessary permissions to the Avrae bot by marking the respective check boxes and pressing the “Authorize” button:

Step 4: Human Verification

Mark the below-highlighted captcha for human verification purposes and the Avrae bot will be added to the selected Discord server:

Step 5: Verification

Launch the Discord application and click on the server icon from the left-side panel:

After that, hit the below-highlighted “Show Members” icon to verify the presence of the Avrae bot in the member’s list:

The above result shows that the Avrae bot is successfully added to the Discord server.

How to Use the Avrae Bot on Discord?

Every Discord bot uses a prefix before writing any command. In the case of the Avrae bot, the prefix is a forward slash “/”. To view all the commands available for the Avrae bot, go to the message section of the server where the Avrae bot is added and type a forward slash “/” in the message box:

Next, select the Avrae bot icon from the appeared menu. This will reveal all the supported commands of Avrae bot:

Now, let’s use one of the Avrae bot commands. 

Step 1: Insert the Command

Type the command in the message box of the server. For instance, the “/help” command will show the user all the information to start a D&D game using the Avrae bot on the server:


Step 2: View the Output

Hit the Enter key and all the information regarding the Avrae bot will be shown in text channel:

That is all about the Avrae bot on Discord.


To add the Avrae bot on Discord, visit the official Avrae bot website and invite the bot. From the “Add to Server” pull-down menu, choose the particular Discord server. Grant necessary permissions and click on the “Authorize” button. To use the Avrae bot, a forward slash “/” is used as a prefix. For instance, the “/help” command will provide all the information regarding playing D&D using the Avrae bot. This article has provided a complete guide for adding and using the Avrae bot on Discord.