How to Add and Use Cat Bot to Your Discord Server

Whether a feature is common or unique, basic or advanced, simple or complex, Discord bots have included it into their functionality to take the edge in a competitive market. In Discord, there are such bots that are based on distinctive and single features only but they are taking the lead in their category by providing a superb user experience, such as “Cat Bot”.

This write-up will explain the process of using the Discord Cat bot as well as how to add it to the server.

How to Add and Use Cat Bot on Discord

Discord Cat Bot is the perfect thing that can ever happen to a user who is a cat lover. Within the blink of an eye, Cat Bot fetches random cat photos with interesting facts. To add the Cat Bot to the Discord server, let’s follow the following section.

Add Cat Bot Using Discord App Directory

App Directory is a great addition to Discord as it lets the user install/integrate favorite apps within a Discord server. To open the app directory, select the server and drop its menu which can be found in the top left corner. Next, an “App Directory” option will appear, click on it.

Within the app directory, we will search the keyword “Cat” and it will list down all the relevant results that contain the word “cat”. Simply select the “Cat Bot” with the icon of a cat and a small heart as shown below.

On the Cat Bot page, press the button “Add to Server” to get started with this bot installation wizard.

Ensure the correct server is selected where the bot needs to be invited and click on “Authorize

A captcha might pop up on the screen as it is shown to verify that only real human traffic is performing such actions instead of an automated one. So, check the box to verify the captcha.

A “Success!” message will arise instantly to give confirmation that Cat Bot has now landed in the specified server.

Add Cat Bot Using Third-Party Sites

Third-party tools/sites are majorly contributing to providing ease of accessing the desired apps instantly. Here, we will search the “Cat Bot discord” on Google and select the third-party website named

Utilize the “Invite” button placed right in front of the “Cat Bot” name.

Select the server, press the authorize button, and verify the captcha to make Cat Bot integration successful.

Eliminate Cat Bot From Discord Server

In the server, access the member’s list and utilize the mouse to right-click on Cat Bot to see more options for this bot. From these options, all you need to do is find and tap on the “Kick Cat Bot” option.

Once a confirmation box is displayed for removing the Cat Bot from the server, click the “Kick” button.

Add & Remove Discord Cat Bot Using Mobile

For adding the Cat Bot using a mobile device, the same above-mentioned steps will be followed as described in method 2.

To remove the Discord Cat Bot using the Discord Mobile application, open the member’s panel by swapping from the right to the left side of the screen and tap on Cat Bot. The profile of the Cat Bot will be opened with multiple options; scroll and select the “Kick” option. The screen will be shifted and asked to confirm if we want to remove the Cat Bot from the server, simply click on “Kick” to get done with this process.

How to Use Cat Bot Within Discord Server

Discord slash commands are used to interact with Discord bots commonly. Cat Bot also supports the slash command “/” for its usability. The Discord Cat Bot is one of those bots that contain a single command only; in short, the Cat Bot has only one command which is:


This command responds fast and shows a new cat image each time when executed.

We have demonstrated the fastest ways to add, use, and remove the Cat Bot.


To add the Cat Bot to the Discord server, “App Directory” or “third-party” sites can be used. All we have to do is press the “Add to server” or “Invite” button to get started with the setup wizard of Cat Bot. The bot installation wizard will contain all essential steps with instructions and proper details on what needs to be done at what step; following so will successfully add the Cat Bot. To see the working of the cat bot, compile the “/cat” command. We have demonstrated how the cat bot can be added and used within the Discord server