How to Add and Use Discord Karuta Bot

Discord is primarily a communication platform but it is also a sort of entertainment platform too as it allows users to stream, watch, and play games. Some bots in Discord provide a great experience to the user by making them play games with a lot of options, such as the Karuta bot. Karuta is one of the best bots in Discord that lets users play games related to cards on a server.

This blog will elaborate on how the Karuta bot can be added and utilized on Discord.

  1. How to Add Discord Karuta Bot
  2. How to Add Discord Karuta Bot Using Mobile Phone
  3. How to Use Discord Karuta Bot
  4. Karuta Bot Commands
  5. How to Remove Discord Karuta Bot from the Desktop App
  6. How to Remove Discord Karuta Bot from the Mobile App

How to Add Discord Karuta Bot

Discord Karuta bot is a fun bot that lets anime lovers play card games. Discord Karuta bot contains more than ninety thousand anime characters. Users can collect, customize, fight, and trade after adding the Karuta bot. To add the Discord Karuta bot, follow one of the listed methods:

  • Adding Discord Karuta Bot Using App Directory
  • Adding Discord Karuta Bot Using Official Website
  • Adding Discord Karuta Bot Using Third-Party Sites

Adding Discord Karuta Bot Using App Directory

Multiple applications, entertainment, and games can be found within the Discord app library. The app directory is feature-rich in terms of fulfilling all the needs of a Discord server. To get into the app library, select a server, access the menu from the top of the left, and click on the “App Directory” option.

Utilize the search box to get the Discord Karuta bot from it.

Click on the “Add to Server” button to start the installation wizard of the Karuta bot for the server.

In case of getting a warning box about leaving the Discord platform and visiting the external website, trust Karuta using the check box and pressing the “Visit Site” button.

Doing so will immediately start the Karuta bot setup wizard. Select the specific server for the Karuta bot using the down arrowhead button and press the continue button as shown below in the screenshot.

Karuta bot requires some permissions to perform some actions within the premises of the Discord server, for that, click the “Authorize” button.

A captcha might appear on the screen for the verification that you are not a robot; only click the checkbox using the mouse and follow on-screen instructions to verify it.

As a result, the Karuta bot will be added to the server and it can be confirmed by opening the server’s general room.

Adding Discord Karuta Bot Using Official Website

Karuta bot has its own official website which allows its users to add the bot directly to their Discord server. Utilize this link to open the Karuta site and click on the “Invite Karuta to your server” button.

This will redirect to the setup process from which we have to choose from the server and provide some privileges to the Discord Karuta bot.

Doing so will add the Karuta bot to the Discord server from its official website successfully.

Adding Discord Karuta Bot Using Third-Party Sites

Third-party sites are not official but often hold the right to share the official tools with or without any modifications. So, go to Google, search “karuta discord” and open the website results as it is a reliable platform.

There will be an “Invite” button which needs to be pressed as it will redirect toward the Discord account to start the Karta integration process. Next, follow the on-screen instructions stated on the Kauta bot installation page to add it.

How to Add Discord Karuta Bot Using Mobile Phone

Mobile devices are able to perform nearly every action that a laptop or PC can do. In the same way, if the Karuta bot can be addressed on Discord using desktop devices, it can be added using a smartphone device. To do so, utilize the Kartua bot’s official platform or other third-party sites that offer the Karuta bot. After that, repeat the same steps as mentioned above to get done with this procedure.

How to Use Discord Karuta Bot

Usually, Discord bots start to work right after getting added to the server but Karuta bots need to verify your Discord account via its official platform first. So, execute the command:


A verification link will be sent to your inbox from Karuta; click on that link.

It will open up a Karuta verification page in the browser. Only click on that wide “Verify” button.

Authorize the permission for the Karuta bot to read your username, access avatar, and other account details.

Now, wait until the Karuta bot completes the account verification process.

Now you can start using the Karuta by using its commands in the following manner:



To understand the workings of the Karuta bot, here’s a practical example:

Let’s drop the card in the server using the Karuta “/drop” command. However, before using the drop command, you need to enable it in the channel.


The following syntax is used to enable the specific Karuta bot commands.

/k perms enable <command>

To enable the drop command, execute

/k perms enable drop


Now, compile the drop command to drop cards in the server.


Pick a card and let the other server member choose one to play the game.

Karuta Bot Commands

At this time, the Karuta bot has more than one hundred and five commands in it to take the fun to the next level. A few of Karuta bot commands along with their purpose are listed below.

  • /burn: Burn a collected card to get something in exchange, such as gold or dust
  • /collection bits: See your or other user inventory
  • /collection cards: See your or other user cards collection
  • /event: Interact with Karuta ongoing events
  • /info card: List the detailed information of the card
  • Info user: List the detailed information about any user
  • /k: Perform Karuta actions
  • /remainder: View the remaining time for performing different actions

Place the / in the message box and select the Karuta icon to get an overview of all commands as shown below.

Moreover, in case of any assistance, run “/help” and check your inbox as Karuta will send details in it.

How to Remove Discord Karuta Bot from the Desktop App

Whenever an app is created for installation, an uninstallation option is also provided by the application itself or by parent developers of the platform where the app is getting installed. In the same way, there is an option to kick the Karuta bot from any Discord server. For that, utilize the mouse right-click to expand the Karuta bot options and choose “Kick Karuta”.

Again click on the kick button once the confirmation box appears.

How to Remove Discord Karuta Bot from the Mobile App

To remove the Discord Karuta bot from the mobile, follow the given descriptive steps.

  • Within the server, swipe left to get the member list
  • Tap on the Karuta bot and scroll to the end
  • Select the kick button
  • On the next screen, tap on the kick one more time.

That’s all about adding and using the Discord Karuta bot.


To integrate the Discord Karuta bot with your server, use the “Discord app directory”, “Karuta bot’s official platform” or “third-party sites”. Karuta bot can be added with the help of PCs/Laptops as well as from smartphone devices. The Discord account needs to be verified with Karuta first to start using this bot. In this blog, we have learned how the Karuta bot can be integrated with the Discord server.