How to Add and Use Midjourney Bot in Discord

Discord is one of those giant communication platforms that are evolving fast and making the user experience better each day. Its popularity has attracted many tools/software to contribute to Discord as it has approximately more than one hundred fifty-four million users. One of the most advanced tools named “Midjourney” is completely relying on Discord and leveraging it.

This tutorial will assist in adding and using the Midjourney Bot to the Discord server.

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an excellent program that takes natural/high-level language as an input and generates an image as an output. Midjourney image generation is super fast as it takes less than 60 seconds to form a new image or enhance an existing image. Additionally, Midjounrny also provides multiple features and controls that make this tool unique, such as blending multiple images into one, recognizing images & generating prompts, and other different modes.

How to Add and Use Midjourney Bot in Discord

To “add the Midjourney Bot” within the Discord server, follow one of the below-mentioned methods:

  1. Adding Discord Midjourney Bot Using App Directory
  2. Adding Discord Midjourney Bot Using Midjourney Server
  3. Adding Discord Midjourney Bot Using Third-Party Sites

Note: Before getting started, make sure you are the administrator of a server, if not, consider creating a new one using this dedicated guide.

Method 1: Adding Discord Midjourney Bot Using App Directory

The app directory is a bundle of thousands of games, applications, and other utilities that can be accessed from within Discord. We can also use the app directory to find the bots that are trusted by Discord and completely safe. 

So, to add the Midjourney bot, get into the server where the Midjourney Bot will be invited. Next, click the drop-down icon located in the top right along with the server name.

App Directory can be accessed from this server menu as shown.

From the app directory page, use the search box to find the “Midhourney Bot”. Once it appears, select it using the mouse left click.

Now, press the button containing the text “Add to Server ” to invite the Midjourney bot to join the Discord server.

Simply select the server and hit “continue” to proceed further with the Midjourney bot integration.

It will ask to grant access for some crucial server permissions as they are essential for Midjourney Bot to function properly; so, click on “Authorize”.

Verify the captcha if required to verify you are not a robot.

In the end, a confirmation box will appear that provides information about the successful setup of the Midjourney Bot within the server.

Method 2: Adding Discord Midjourney Bot Using Midjourney Server

The Midjourney server itself contains the Midjourney Bot which allows the users to directly use it by entering into the main server. However, we will take the leverage of this and add the Midjourney bot directly from there to our server. 

Simply go into Discord’s “Explore Discorcoverable Servers” section and search for the Midjourney server. 

In the members list of the Midjourney server, look for Midjourney Bot and click on it. A new contained box will fade in which will provide a quick overview about the bot. Click on the “Add to Server” button from there to start the bot installation wizard.

Select the server, continue, and authorize the permissions; moreover, hCaptcha will also need to be verified if needed to complete this procedure.

Method 3: Adding Discord Midjourney Bot Using Third-Party Sites

Some of the third-party sites available on the internet allow to invite the specific bot to the Discord server from their platform. Here, we will use the “” to invite the Midjourney bot from it by using this link and clicking the “Add Midjourney Discord Bot” button.

Next, an on-screen wizard for setting up the Discord Midjourney bot will be followed.

How to Set Up Midjourney Bot From Discord Mobile App

Discord mobile application allows users to stay updated or perform different activities at any time from anywhere. To add the Midjourney bot using the Discord smartphone application, first, join the Midjourney server by navigating to the given link.

Doing so will redirect you to the Midjourney Discord server where the “Accept Invite” button needs to be pressed. From the homepage of the server, swipe right from the left corner as shown below.

Alternatively, the “Nevermind” option can also be selected to directly jump into the server.

Now, select any room and tap on the member’s list icon to expand the member’s panel.

After that, tap on the Midjourney bot and select the “Add to Server” button

Again, repeat the same steps/wizard as followed above.

How to Use Midjourney Bot in Discord

To use Midjourney in Discord, a subscription/plan provided by Midjourney needs to be purchased before getting started with it. To purchase the Midjoourny, follow the next section.

Purchasing Midjourney Subscription

Execute the subscribe command within the Discord server.


Click on the “Manage Account button”.

Whenever visiting an external link, discord shows a dialog box to confirm whether the user wants to leave the Discord window or not. To avoid this in the future regarding Midjourney links, check the box to give consent about trusting Midjourney links and click on the “Visit Site” button as shown in the screenshot.

Doing so will open the Midjourney subscription page that provides complete information about features and prices. 

Choose the subscribe button and ensure the on-screen wizard is followed correctly as it is important to complete the Midjourney subscription process.

Generating Images From Midjourney

To generate images using the Midjourney Bot, use the following command.


/imagine [prompt]

Write a prompt as descriptive as it can be written with each minor detail. For example, let’s generate some random Linux wallpapers with a yellow background. To do so, execute:

/imagine Linux wallpapers with a Yellow background


Moreover, to control the image generation-related settings, utilize the command:


Here, multiple helpful options are provided for adjusting the settings according to the needs.

Midjourney Bot Commands

There are more than twenty (20+) commands in the Midhourney bot that can be used within a server. A few Midjourney bot commands are listed below:

  • /ask: Provide answers related to Midjourney
  • /blend: Blend multiple images together and create a new one
  • /describe: Describe an image in the text that what is it all about or indicating
  • /fast: Turn on Midjourney fast mode
  • /private: Turn on Midjourney stealth mode
  • /shorten: Analyze and make descriptive prompts shorter
  • /turbo: Turn on the Midjourney turbo mode

To learn more or if having any trouble, compile the “/help” command.

How to Use Stealth Mode to Make Images Private?

Stealth mode provides complete protection to the Midjourney-generated images and prevents others from seeing and copying the pictures. However, stealth mode does not come in the standard and basic plan; we must have a pro or higher plan to use the stealth mode in Discord.

To utilize the stealth mode, simply run the command:


How to Remove Midjourney Bot From the Discord Server

Removing a Discord bot is far easier than adding it. For the termination of the Midjourney bot from the Discord server, consider opening the member’s list and right-clicking on it.

In the next step, click on the “Kick Midjourney Bot”.

Once a confirmation message to kick the Midjourney bot is displayed, press the “Kick” button.


To add the Midjourney Bot in Discord, use the “App Directory”, “Midjourney Server” or “Third-party sites”. Midjounry asks its users to purchase a plan before using it. Often due to high demand, Midjourney might not provide any free trial. This post has explained how the Midjourney Bot can be added and used with the Discord server.