How to Add and Use ToddBot Discord Bot?

Discord supports the numerous bots for managing server activities. ToddBot is the Discord bot that is specifically utilized for replying to all mentions with emojis on the server. Apart from this, it is also helpful for question answering, and telling lies to the user. To see all its actions, start the activity after the “toddbot” keyword.

This article will provide the complete procedure to add the ToddBot Discord bot and can also be followed on Discord mobile.

Add ToddBot Discord Bot

To add the ToddBot Discord bot, stay connected with the following instruction.

Step 1: Invite Toddbot

For inviting the ToddBot Discord bot, approach the “” website and click on “Invite”:

Login to the Discord account if required.

Step 2: Server Selection

Select the particular server from the drop-down named “ADD TO SERVER” and click on the “Authorize” button:

Step 3: Validate Captcha

Verify and mark the provided captcha for adding the ToddBot and proceed:

The ToddBot will be added to the server.

Step 4: Confirmation

Open Discord, approach the targeted server, and confirm the accessibility of the bot in the member list:

Use ToddBot Discord Bot

To use the ToddBot in the server, have a quick look at the 2-step demonstration guide.

Step 1: Enter Command

Go to the server in which ToddBot is present, type the “toddbot” keyword, mention someone by its tag number, and hit Enter:

/toddbot @someone

Step 2: Check Output

Once you mention someone using the “toddbot” command, the ToddBot will reply with emoji and as shown:

Commands For ToddBot Discord Bot

For obtaining the detailed list of the ToddBot command, type the help command in the server:

/toddbot help

All the commands for using the ToddBot will be listed.

Bonus Tip: Remove ToddBot Discord Bot

To remove the ToddBot Discord bot from the server, right-click on it and choose the kick option. For demonstration, follow the below implementation.

Step 1: Right-click ToddBot

Open the Discord app, access the targeted server, and right-click the ToddBot in the member list:

Step 2: Kick ToddBot

A drop-down will be opened, click on the “Kick ToddBot” option and proceed:

Step 3: Feedback

The user will be prompted to enter the reason for removing the ToddBot. Afterward, hit “Kick” to continue:

By doing the above operation, ToddBot will be removed. We have covered the method to add the ToddBot to Discord.


For adding the ToddBot Discord bot, approach the given site and invite the bot. Then, select the server and grant the necessary privileges to the bot. Confirm the provided captcha, approach the selected server in Discord, and check the availability of the bot in the member list. To use it type the “/toddbot” keyword before every action. This post has uncovered the procedure to add the ToddBot Discord bot.