How to Add and Use Virtual Fisher Bot on Discord

One can fish directly inside Discord using Virtual Fisher as there is a ton of rods, upgrades, biomes, fish, and bait available to explore. Users can fish wherever they want and still brag to one buddy on another server because the progress in the bot stays with users across servers.

Virtual fishing has become a popular sport for many because of realistic simulations, engaging gameplay, and the chance to interact with other fishing lovers.

This blog will explain the step-by-step method to add the Virtual Fisher bot to Discord and its basic usage. 

What is the Virtual Fisher Discord Bot?

The Virtual Fisher bot is specially designed for Discord and offers many features. It allows members of the community to participate in a realistic fishing experience within the Discord platform, bringing the excitement of virtual fishing to the community. 

With the help of the Virtual Fisher Bot, users can enjoy the real fishing experience virtually. This bot offers a wide range of fishing species to experience with the customized fishing environment. 

Features of a Virtual Fisher Bot

The key features of the Virtual Fisher Bot are listed below:

  • It provides the experience of the exciting activity of fishing to the users virtually
  • It also enables the users to interact with the other Discord members to compete and enjoy the fishing experience together
  • One can enjoy the fishing experience with the customized environmental conditions as well with the daytime of their choice
  • The bot usage and its progress are being recorded on the leaderboards for monitoring purposes

How to Add Virtual Fisher Bot on Discord?

To add the Virtual Discord Bot to Discord, you are requested to follow the simple instructions mentioned below.

Step 1: Add the Virtual Fisher to the Server

First, open the official website of the Virtual Fisher on the web browser and click on the “Add to server” option for adding it to your server:

When the option is chosen, it will direct to Discord. 

Step 2: Choose the Discord Server

Now, you are requested to select the server of Discord, in which it is supposed to add the “Virtual Fisher” bot. For instance, we have chosen “maddox’s server”. Then, click on the “Continue” button:

Step 3: Request for the Basic Permissions

Access to the basic permissions is requested by the “Virtual Fisher” bot such as Attach File. To grant these permissions to bot, click on the “Authorize” button:

Now, it’s time to confirm that you are not a bot by checking the captcha:

The Bot is successfully added to Discord:

Step 4: Confirm the Addition of a Bot in Discord

Next, confirm the addition of the “Fisher Bot” in the Discord by opening the Discord and choosing your server where Virtual Fisher bot is added:

You can see the “Virtual Fisher” bot in the server’s member list:

In the next section, we will explore the basic usage of the “Virtual Bot” in Discord. 

How to Use the Discord Virtual Fisher Bot?

To use the “Virtual Fisher” bot in Discord or to view all its commands, type “/” in the text channel and choose the “Virtual Fisher” bot from the appeared menu:

Different commands of the “Virtual Fisher” bot are displayed, use any of them to execute. For instance, we have opened “Booster inventory” by using the “/boosters” command:


Press the ENTER key to execute the command in Discord:

The output shows that we have no boosters but we can have them either by donating or voting. To explore all the commands of the “Virtual Fisher”, visit the “Commands” section on its official website or simply use the mentioned link:

All these commands can be run on Discord. That’s all about the Virtual Fisher bot.


To add and use the Virtual Fisher Bot on Discord, open its official website and then add the bot to your specified server. When the bot is successfully added to the server, then use the “/” prefix to use the Virtual Fisher bot command such as the “/boosters” command to check the booster in inventory. This blog has provided a detailed procedure to add and use the Virtual Fisher bot on Discord.