How to Add a Watermark in Google Docs?

Watermark is a label used to set the ownership/copyright of the document/image. The watermark can be set behind the text with various transparency options. In Google Docs, the users can add text/images as a watermark to the specific document. This tutorial demonstrates the possible methods for adding the watermark in Google Docs. The content of the post is as follows:

Let’s start!

Method 1: Use the Watermark Option to Add a Watermark

The easiest method to add a watermark is possible by picking the “Watermark” option from the “Insert” tab, as shown below:

Insert Image as a Watermark

It pops up a new window on which the user can insert an image as a watermark by pressing the image button:

In this scenario, the “alert” text is searched, and a list of relevant images is shown under the “GOOGLE IMAGES” tab. After that, pick an image and hit the “Insert” button to add it to Google Docs as shown below figure:

Users have the option to modify formatting and hit the “Done” button to add the watermark in Google Docs:

You can verify the selected watermark has been added to Google Docs, which can be visualized below screenshot:

Insert Text as a Watermark

Users have an option in the “Watermark” window to add text in the textbox. After that, edit it by choosing the format style, dimension, placement, and many more according to their needs:

Finally, users can verify that the “Copy” watermark has been added in Google Docs:

Let’s head over to the second method.

Method 2: Use Drawing Option to Add a Watermark

The Drawing window provides all functionalities regarding text modification. Let’s practice the steps to add a watermark to a Google Docs file:

Step 1: Open the Drawing Window

To add a watermark, hit the “+New” button of the “Drawing” that comes from the “Insert” tab:

Step 2: Inserting Text Box

It navigates to the Drawing window in which the user can insert a text box by choosing the “Text box” icon as shown in below figure:

Step 3: Adjust Position

In this window, the user can adjust the position of the text box by holding the dot icon at the top center of the box:

Step 4: Customize the Watermark

The users can customize the watermark as per their requirements. The following customizations are carried out in this particular scenario.

Adding Border Color

The drawing window has the option to add border color by selecting the “Border color” located at the toolbar of the window:

Adding Text Color

To set the color of the watermark, the user can use the “Text color” icon in the toolbar. After that, hit the “Save and Close” button:

Verifying Watermark

After pressing the button, the customized watermark has been pasted into Google Docs. In this Doc window, select the “In front of text” option by hovering over the watermark image:

After dragging the watermark in the desired place, the document looks great, which can be visualized in the below figure:

Method 3: Use the Image Option to Add Image as a Watermark

Google Docs provides the “Search the web” option to insert the image as a watermark. This option is available in the “Insert” tab. The process is demonstrated in the below stated steps:

Step 1: Open the Document

Open the document and choose the “Search the web” option by hovering over the “Image” that can be seen below figure:

Step 2: Search the Watermark

Type any word in the search box (whatever you want) and choose an image among the displayed images:

Step 3: Insert Selected Watermark

Press the “Insert” button after selecting the image for the watermark, which can be seen in below figure:

Now, choose the “Behind text” icon by hovering over the added image of “COPY” to adjust it behind the written text:

Finally, the watermark has been successfully added in Google Docs, which can be confirmed in the below figure:

That’s it! You have covered all possible methods for adding the watermark in Google Docs.


Google Docs offers the “Watermark” option, “Drawing” window, and “Search for web” option to add a watermark to the document. The “Watermark” and “Drawing” methods provide numerous features to make a customized watermark by inserting text and images. In addition, users can add a watermark as an image via the “Search for web” option. This guide has covered all aspects of adding a watermark in Google Docs.