How to Add Discord Bot

Discord enables users to add Ai-generated bots to manage server activities. One such is a multi-functional bot that stands for Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot. It is utilized for the moderation tools such as ban, kick, and mute through commands. Apart from that it also offers features of auto message deletion, channel renaming, and message logging.

This guide will enlighten the procedure to add the bot to the Discord server.

  1. How to Add Bot in Discord?
  2. List of Commands For Bot
  3. Bonus Tip: How to Kick Bot?

How to Add Bot in Discord?

To add the to the Discord server, go through the subsequent steps.

Step 1: Add

Launch the favorite browser, go to the bot official site here, and press the “Add to server” button to add it:

Login to the Discord account if not logged in already.

Step 2: Allow Account Access

Next, allow Discord’s account access by pressing the “Authorize” button:

Step 3: Select Server

Afterward, hit the “Select Server” option from the above menu bar and select the particular server from the drop-down menu:

Confirm the server name and press the “Continue” button:

Step 4: Grant Permissions

Now, grant the required permissions for the’s bot and click on the “Authorize” button:

Step 5: Mark Captcha

Mark the given captcha in order to add the bot:

After performing the above operations, the bot will be added.

Step 6: Verification

To verify the presence of bot, we will simply open the Discord, select the server and check whether the added bot can be found or not in the members list:

The bot has been added.


To add the bot in Discord, add it from its official website and press the “Add to server ” button. Afterward, allow the account access, select the particular server, grant the required permissions, and verify the given captcha. Next, we only need to check the members list of the server by launching the Discord application. This write-up has defined the procedure to add the bot in Discord.