How to Alphabetize in Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most popular platforms on the internet to manipulate documents with various features. These features include drawing flow charts, generating lists, drafting letters, etc. In certain situations, users face difficulty understanding text documents. By considering the issue, this article demonstrates the method to alphabetize the unsorted list in Google Docs.

How to Alphabetize in Google Docs?

The purpose of alphabetizing the text is beneficial to enhance the readability of the text. Google Docs offers a variety of extensions to perform specific tasks. Here, the extension named “Doc Tools” will be used to alphabetize in Google Docs.

Follow the below-mentioned step-by-step procedure to alphabetize in Google Docs:

Step 1: Click Get add-ons

Firstly, open the new or existing document to alphabetize text in Google Docs. Click the “Extensions” button and hover over the “Add-ons”. Lastly, click the “Get add-ons” option from the dropdown menu:

Step 2: Search “Doc Tools” Extension

Type “Doc Tools” in the search bar to find the extension regarding alphabetization:

Step 3: Select the Doc Tools Extension

Find the “Doc Tools” extension and click the icon of “Doc Tools” in Google Docs:

Step 4: Install Doc Tools Extension

After clicking the extension, a pop-up window is opened to install “Doc Tools” in Google Docs. Hit the button “Install” to start the installation process:

Step 5: Give Permission to Install

Before installing the extension, permission is required. Press the “CONTINUE” button to move forward:

Step 6: Allow the Google Account Access

A new pop-up window is generated that requires access to the “Google Account” with “Allow” and “Cancel” buttons. Choose the “Allow” button to enable the extension in Google Docs:

Step 7: Verify Doc Tools

Hence, the extension “Doc Tools” has been installed through add-ons for Google Docs. Click on “Done”:

Step 8: Alphabetize the Selected Text

First, select the text with the help of a cursor and then apply the “Sort the selection ascending” option by hovering over the “Doc Tools” in Google Docs:

Step 9: Verify the Alphabetize

Hence, the selected text is sorted in alphabetical order or alphabetized. The below screenshot validates that the unsorted list is sorted in alphabetical order:

Bonus Step: It is an additional step to sort the text in descending order by applying the “Sort the selection descending” option by hovering over the “Doc Tools” in Google Docs:

Here you go! You have learned to alphabetize the text in Google Docs.


In Google Docs, the “Doc Tools” extension is utilized to alphabetize text. To install this extension, navigate to the “Extensions” option from the menu bar and then click on “Get add-ons” to search/install “Doc Tools”. This extension is beneficial to perform when sorting the unsorted list in alphabetical order. The order could be ascending or descending. This post has demonstrated a step-by-step guide to alphabetizing the selected text in Google Docs.