Best Among Us Discord Bots

Among Us is an online multiplayer game where players work together to find and identify the impostor who is killing other players. Discord, a communication platform for gamers, has become a popular choice for Among Us players to communicate and play together. 

This article will discuss two of the most used Among Us Discord bots which are mentioned below:

  • Raid Organizer
  • Among Us Dumpy Bot

Raid Organizer

Raid Organizer is a Discord bot that helps users to organize game sessions for Among Us. The bot can be added to your Discord server, and once added, you can use its features to schedule and manage your game sessions. The bot is designed to help you prevent raids on your server and make the game more enjoyable:

Key Features of Raid Organizer

The Raid Organizer bot has several features that help you manage your Among Us game sessions more effectively and some of its features are mentioned below:

Scheduling: One of the main features of the Raid Organizer bot is its scheduling capabilities. The bot allows you to create a schedule for your game sessions, which can help you and your friends to plan your gaming sessions in advance. You can specify the date, time, and time zone for your game session, and the bot will send reminders to your server members before the session starts.

Customization: The Raid Organizer bot allows you to customize various aspects of your game sessions. You can customize the maximum number of players, the roles, and the maps that will be played during the session.

Moderation: The Raid Organizer bot also has moderation features that can help you prevent raids and spam on your server. The bot can require users to verify their email address or phone number before sending messages, which can help prevent bots and spam accounts from joining your server. You can also set up custom moderation rules for your server.

Notifications: The Raid Organizer bot can send notifications to your server members when a game session is about to start or when a new game is created. This feature can help you and your friends stay organized and know when to join the game.

Among Us Dumpy Bot

Among Us Dumpy Bot is a Discord bot that automates the process of muting and unmuting players in the game. It eliminates the need for players to manually mute themselves during the game, allowing them to focus on gameplay and enjoy a more immersive experience:

Key Features of Among Us Dumpy Bot

Some of the most useful features of this bot will be discussed here that make it an ideal choice for Among Us users.

Customizable Settings: Players can customize the bot’s behavior according to their preferences. For instance, players can choose to “mute dead players only” or “mute dead players and ghosts”. They can also choose to mute players during meetings only or when the game is paused.

Easy to Use: Among Us Dumpy Bot is easy to use as it will automatically start working after being added from the Discord server..

Open-source code: Among Us Dumpy Bot is an open-source project that is freely available for anyone to use and modify. 

This is all about the best Among Us Discord bots.


Among Us is a very famous multiplayer game where players land on a spaceship to find the imposter through a voting system that is killing them. The two bots that have been discussed in this article are the Raid Organizer and Among Us Dumpy Bot. You should try these bots if you love playing the Among Us game.