Best Free Proxy Servers for Anonymous Web Browsing

With online threats like data breaches, cyber-attacks, and identity thefts on the rise, protecting one’s online identity has become a necessity. Proxy servers provide an effective solution for anonymous web browsing and Linux OS users have a range of options when it comes to proxy servers. This article will discuss the top 3 free proxy servers for anonymous web browsing on Linux OS which are listed below.

  • Tor Browser

1. Tor Browser

The Tor Browser is a popular choice among users who seek anonymity online. Tor is an acronym for The Onion Router, which is a decentralized network that uses onion routing to conceal users’ identities. The Tor network provides a high degree of anonymity, as it routes traffic through multiple nodes before reaching the destination. The Tor Browser also features built-in privacy tools like No Script, HTTPS Everywhere, and Torbutton.

Installing Tor Browser on Linux

Tor is available for Linux OS users and can be easily installed using the package manager by using these commands:

$ sudo apt install tor               # For Ubuntu
$ sudo dnf install tor               # For Fedora
$ sudo yum install tor               # For CentOS

A user can also access this link and download the Tor browser for Linux, which will download the tor browser file in tar format.

2. is a web-based proxy server that allows users to browse the internet anonymously. supports SSL encryption, which provides an added layer of security. The proxy server can access blocked websites and protect your online privacy. also offers a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Accessing Proxysite on Linux

A user only needs to open this link on any web browser to access this website.

3. is a VPN service provider that also offers a free proxy server where a user can access blocked websites anonymously. The proxy server is available for Linux OS and supports SSL encryption. offers a free plan that provides 2 GB of data transfer per month. The service also offers a paid plan that provides unlimited data transfer and additional features like multiple server locations and support for P2P traffic.

Installing on Linux OS

This installation is based on three major steps, which are explained below:

Step 1: A user can download the tar version of this application by accessing this link.

Step 2: Use the below command to extract the tar file.

$ tar -xf

Step 3: Execute the below script and provide credentials.

$ sudo bash


Proxy servers provide an effective solution for anonymous web browsing on Linux OS. Tor Browser,, and are among the top free proxy servers for Linux OS users. Each of these proxy servers has its unique features and benefits, which are briefly explained in this guide.