Best Games on Steam You can Play on Linux

Once you fall into the gaming world, there’s no going back from there, and during this journey, you’ll come across hundreds of them with different genres. Testing every game until you find what suits your taste could take hours, which is the last thing you want in the current era, but how about we simplify this problem of yours?

This article sheds light on the best games on Steam that can be played on Linux while covering the following aspects.

Now, we’ll start this guide which will go through the points mentioned above.

What is Steam, and the Way to Install it on Linux?

Steam is a free and cross-platformed gaming client with a massive library of DOWNLOADABLE games, either free or paid. Back in the day, it wasn’t natively available on Linux, but now due to enormous demand from the community, the developers have done it. However, it is not open-source for many apparent reasons.

How to Install Steam on Linux?

Want to get this entertaining utility on your Linux system, use the command as per the distribution.

For Debian/Ubuntu-based distributions:

Click here to read our detailed article.

For Fedora/Redhat-based distributions:

First, enable the repository using the command:

$ sudo dnf install$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm

And then use the commands for the respective Linux distributions:

$ sudo dnf install steam                       #For Fedora/RedHat
$ sudo zypper install steam                    #For OpenSUSE

Top Free Games on Steam for Linux

Here’s a list of the top free games on Steam that can be played on Linux, along with their brief description.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a top-of-the-line MOBA game that is free to play with millions of players worldwide. There are pro championships of Dota 2 are also organized yearly, called The International (TI). It comes with an optional battle pass, but as a player of this game myself, I’d recommend buying this for extra perks. This game is pure addiction and can be downloaded from here.

You enter the game with five heroes on each team and make your way to destroy the enemy team’s ancient with the help of tiny creatures called creeps which is why we call it Defense of the Ancients.

Source: Dota 2

Team Fortress 2

If you’re into a first-person shooting game, you should try out Team Fortress 2, owned by Valve (the same as Dota 2). It is a highly customizable game that lets you customize your character through mods and regular content updates. It won’t cost you any money unless you want fancy new clothes or items. Tap here to download Team Fortress 2.

Source: Team Fortress 2

War Thunder

War Thunder is a game developed especially for users who wish to simulate real war. It is cross-platformed and free to play. You can take the fight anywhere, whether it is the sea, air, or land, with the most modern weapons of the 20th century (WWII era). It is highly customizable and lets the players create skins they can sell in-game. You can download this highly competitive game from here.

Source: War Thunder

The list goes on, but we’ll now look into pay-to-play games.

Top Paid Games on Steam for Linux

Here’s a list of a few of the top pay-to-play games on Steam that can be played on Linux.

Mad Max

Mad Max is a challenging but adventurous open-world game whose primary focus is to create the best combat vehicle in Wasteland by completing hardcore missions while gathering supplies for upgrades. It may contain some Mature Content 

It can be installed from Steam Store.

Source: Mad Max

Road Redemption

A game full of adventure and action that too on your bike as a gang of four with split screen gameplay sounds unrealistic, but it is possible with Road Redemption, where you can do all that. The campaign is big enough to keep you addicted, but eventually, it’ll end, and there’s nothing to do. To download it, follow this link to the Steam store.

Source: Road Redemption

Left 4 Dead 2

An adventure awaits you and your crew from Savannah to New Orleans to take on zombies. Left 4 Dead 2 is an action-packed open-world game set when the earth is on the verge of being destroyed by a zombie apocalypse, and it is on you and your friends to save the world. The fan-favorite FPS zombie game can be downloaded here.

Source: Left 4 Dead

This is the list that you can get the best from Steam. 


Linux is evolving, and in no time, it’ll have a full-fledged gaming distro with lots of perks for gamers; however, until then, you are to kill your time by playing the top games natively available on Linux. This guide has provided a list of games that can be obtained from steam.