Best Gaming Discord Bots

Gaming Discord bots are third-party programs that can be added to your Discord server to provide additional functionality. Gaming Discord bots, specifically, are bots that are designed for gamers. These bots can help with a variety of tasks related to gaming, from managing events to playing music, and to tracking stats.

In this article we will discuss the best gaming bots on Discord:

  • Karuta Gaming Discord Bot
  • Epic RPG Gaming Discord Bot

Karuta Gaming Discord Bot

Karuta is a Discord bot that introduces card gaming into Discord servers which is free to use. With Karuta, players can collect, trade, and battle virtual cards in various categories, including anime, animals, and video games:

Features of Karuta Gaming Bot

Some of the main features of the Karuta gaming bot are discussed below:

Collecting and Trading Cards: Karuta’s primary feature is its collectible and tradable card game. The bot allows users to collect cards in various categories by typing specific commands. Players can then trade their cards with other users on the server or sell them for in-game currency.

Multiplayer Games: Karuta also offers multiplayer games, in which players can play with other members on the server whereas the winner gets in-game currency or rare cards as a reward.

Server Leveling System: Karuta has a leveling system that rewards users with points for participating in games and competitions. The bot tracks each user’s progress and assigns a level to each server member. 

Epic RPG Gaming Discord Bot

EPIC RPG is a free-to-play Discord bot that lets you embark on an adventure and explore different worlds with your friends. It is a role-playing game that is text-based, where you can customize your character and engage in battles to earn rewards and experience points. You can create your guild, participate in quests, and level up your character to become the ultimate hero:

Features of Epic EPG Gaming Discord Bot

Some of the main features of the Epic RPG gaming Discord bot are discussed below:

Exploring Different Worlds: EPIC RPG has multiple worlds that you can explore, each with its unique challenges and rewards having different monsters and bosses. You can also find treasures and earn rewards by completing quests.

Engaging in Battles: Battles in EPIC RPG are turn-based, where you can choose your actions based on your character’s abilities and equipment.

Creating Your Guild: EPIC RPG lets you create your guild, where you can invite other players to join and participate in guild quests. 

Customizable Characters: In EPIC RPG, users can create their characters with unique races, classes, and names. These characters can be customized to suit the player’s preferences and playstyle. The race of the character determines their initial stats and abilities, while the class determines their role in combat.

Rewards: EPIC RPG offers a wide range of rewards, including gold, items, and experience points. These rewards are obtained by completing quests, defeating monsters, and participating in boss battles. 

That’s all about the best gaming Discord bots.


Discord is a famous communication platform that provides various features for entertainment as well. Gamers will especially love this app as it contains lots of different gaming bots that will keep them busy for a long time and they won’t get bored. If you are new to gaming discord bots then you should definitely consider the two bots which are “Karuta and “Epic RPG” which we have discussed in this article.