Best Giveaway Discord Bot

The Giveaway Discord bots are used to send giveaways to random users and notify them as well. In this way, you don’t need to manually choose the winner which will save you a lot of time. You can spend this time by generating engaging ideas or interacting with members while this bot will handle your such requests.

This article will discuss the two best giveaway Discord bots as mentioned below:

  • Giveaway Boat
  • MEE6 

Giveaway Boat

Giveaway Boat offers Giveaway templates that enable users to create a default set of values and reuse them to create giveaways instantly. This feature makes it easy for server owners to create multiple giveaways with consistent settings quickly:

Features of Giveaway Boat

Key features of the Discord giveaway Boat are mentioned below:

Scheduled Giveaways: Users can schedule giveaways for later dates with Giveaway Boat, providing increased flexibility and convenience. This feature ensures that server owners can plan giveaways in advance and advertise them effectively to their community.

Customizable Giveaways: Giveaway Boat allows users to customize giveaways by adding images and changing the colors to match their server’s appearance. 

Bypass Roles: Bypass roles are available with Giveaway Boat, allowing certain roles to bypass the giveaway requirements and participate in the giveaway. This feature provides server owners with greater flexibility in how they run their giveaways and allows them to reward their most active members.

Multiple Entries: Giveaway Boat allows multiple entries, giving users more chances to win and encouraging continued engagement with the server.

Giveaway Logging: Giveaway Boat offers giveaway logging, ensuring transparency and fairness in the giveaway process. This feature helps server owners maintain the trust of their community and provides a record of past giveaways for reference.

Unlimited Giveaways: With Giveaway Boat, users can create an unlimited number of giveaways at once, allowing server owners to offer frequent rewards and keep their community engaged.

Long Giveaway Durations: Giveaway Boat allows users to create giveaways with up to 100 days duration, providing greater flexibility in how long a giveaway can run.

MEE6 Giveaway Discord Bot

MEE6 is a popular Discord bot that offers a wide range of features to help server owners engage with their community members. One of the most exciting features of MEE6 is the ability to organize and run giveaways effortlessly:

Features of MEE6

Key features of the MEE6 Discord bot are mentioned below:

Create Effortless Giveaways: Running a giveaway with MEE6 is very easy as all you need is to use the bot’s interface to create your giveaway and choose the parameters for participation. Once your giveaway is set up, MEE6 will automatically handle the process of selecting and announcing the winner.

Multiple Entry Options: MEE6 allows you to offer multiple entry options for your giveaways, giving users more chances to win. You can set up requirements such as sending a message in a specific channel, reacting to a message, or simply being present on the server. This flexibility allows you to customize your giveaways and incentivize specific behaviors that benefit your server.

Automatic Reminders and Announcements: MEE6 also offers automatic reminder and announcement features for your giveaways. You can set up reminders to notify users when a giveaway is ending, or when winners have been selected. Additionally, MEE6 will automatically announce the winner in the designated channel, saving you time and effort.

Verification and Security: To ensure fair play and prevent cheating, MEE6 also offers verification and security features for your giveaways. You can require users to verify their identity or membership in a specific role before they can participate in the giveaway. 

Analytics and Insights: MEE6 also provides analytics and insights on your giveaways, allowing you to track participation, engagement, and other metrics. 

Custom Branding: MEE6 allows you to customize the branding and appearance of your giveaways. You can add your server’s logo or other custom images to the giveaway, creating a professional look that reinforces your brand and enhances engagement.

This is all about the best giveaway bots on Discord.


A giveaway Discord bot is used to send giveaways to random users automatically so that you won’t have to work manually and spend lots of your time. This is super beneficial as you can focus on other features and activities of the server while these bots will handle the giveaway-related tasks. Two of the most useful giveaway Discord bots that have been discussed in this article are “Giveaway Boat” and “MEE6”.