How to Bookmark in Google Docs

In Google Docs, the “Bookmark” links the text to specific content in the document or another. While dealing with large documents, the Bookmarks are quite helpful for navigating to specific content (instantly) within a document. The bookmarks practice is usually followed in academic writing. Keeping in view the importance of Bookmarks, this Google Docs enlists the essential step to use Bookmarks.

How to Bookmark in Google Docs?

The sequential steps to Bookmark in Google Docs are carried out here. Let’s practice the:

Step 1: Open the Google Doc

Open the Google Doc file to add the Bookmark. Click on the start of the text/word where the user wants to add a bookmark, then click on the “insert” tab from the MenuBar:

Step 2: Add Bookmark

Now, scroll down and click on the “Bookmark” option from the drop-down:

Bookmarks will be added (for ease, you may copy the bookmark link to be used for the hyperlink).

Step 3: Apply the Bookmark

Now, select the text to apply the Bookmark. Again click on the “Insert” tab and then time click on the “Link” option (Or you may use the shortcut key “CTRL+K”):

While clicking the “Link” option, the following window appears where you can insert the copied Bookmark. After implementing, hit  the “Apply” button: 

Now, the link is ready to use. Just right-click the cursor on the text highlighted with blue color, and you will be redirected to the link. The process can be seen in the following “GIF”:

Here you go! You have learned to apply Bookmarks in Google Docs. Now, let’s see how they are deleted.

Bonus Tip: Delete a Bookmark

Click on the bookmark icon and then on the Delete(Trash) icon:

The bookmark icon will be deleted as shown below:

That’s all from this guide!


Users can add a bookmark in the Google Docs using the “Insert” tab from the MenuBar. To link that Bookmark with some text, the users can use the shortcut key “CTRL+K” (or it can be invoked using the “Insert” tab). This Google Docs post has provided a detailed procedure to Bookmark in Google Docs.