Bump Discord Bots

Discord bots are computer programs that integrate with Discord servers, providing a range of automated features and functionalities. They can perform tasks such as server moderation, automatically managing server settings, playing music, and much more. Bump Discord bots are a specific type of Discord bot designed to increase server visibility and attract new members. 

They achieve this by promoting the server on dedicated bumping platforms which help server owners to reach a wider audience for their community growth. 

This article will discuss three different Bump Discord bots that can be considered to promote their servers as listed below.

  1. BumpIt! Discord Bot
  2. Vashly Discord Bot
  3. Special Share Discord Bot

BumpIt! Discord Bot

The “BumpIt!” The Discord bot is designed specifically for bumping servers and enhancing their experience within the Discord community. It comes with a user-friend interface that simplifies the process of server promotion:

Features of BumpIt! Discord Bot

Control Over Bump Settings: The BumpIt! offers role-based permissions for settings, allowing server owners to assign different roles to only trusted members.

Filters and Tag Selection: The BumpIt! has filters and tag selection options to manage the bumps your server receives. Filters allow users to target specific audiences, while tags are used to discover the server easily.

Subscribed Server Bumping: It introduces subscribed server bumping, allowing the user to subscribe to specific servers and receive bump notifications.

Reporting Inappropriate Bumps: To maintain integrity and quality, BumpIt! lets users report rule-breaking bumps to address inappropriate or spam-based promotions.

Premium Version: This bot offers a premium version with added benefits where users enjoy faster bump cooldowns, allowing more frequent server promotion.

Vashly Discord Bot

Vashly is a versatile Discord bot designed to simplify and enhance the server bumping process by monitoring designated bump channels in Discord servers. It acts as a virtual assistant, helping server owners promote their servers by consistently promoting their communities:

Features of Vashly Discord Bot

Auto Bump: Vashly takes care of the server bumping process by automatically sending bump messages at regular intervals, to save time and effort.

Customizable Bump Messages: Vashly allows server owners to customize their bump messages to showcase the unique aspects of their server.

Bump Reminders: It also provides a bump reminder so that a user can bump their servers at the right time to maintain a consistent bumping schedule.

Server Insights: Vashly offers valuable insights about the server’s performance by providing statistics, such as member growth, and active members to help them to create better bump messages.

Verification System: Vashly includes a verification system to verify members before granting them access to maintain a safe and secure environment within the Discord community.

Special Share Discord Bot

The “Special Share” is a multifunctional Discord bot developed to help server owners promote and grow their communities. As a Bump bot, it provides functionality and offers a variety of features to boost server engagement and interaction:

Key Features of Special Share Discord Bot

Server Analytics: The Special Share bot offers server analytics to provide information regarding member activity, and message engagement among others to make informed decisions for the server.

Auto Bump: The auto bump feature allows users to schedule automatic bumps to ensure that the server stays visible and active. 

Voting System: The Special Share incorporates a built-in voting system to encourage member participation and gather valuable feedback.

Custom Bump Message: A user can also customize their bump messages to highlight the key aspects of their server.

Reward System: This bot can also provide a feature to give rewards to active members who regularly participate in different activities.

How to Add Bump Discord Bots?

Three different bump Discord bots have been discussed that can be added by following the below steps.

Step 1: The Bumpit!, Vashly and Special Share Discord bots can be added by clicking on the invite button to their respective links.

Step 2: Next, a user needs to choose a server where they want to add these bots from the server list.

Step 3: Provide relevant permissions to these bots and then authorize them which will add them to the server.

Step 4: Verify the addition of the bots by navigating to the provided server and checking the member list. 

That’s all about the bump Discord bots.


Bump Discord bots mainly promote the user’s server for better reach and growth by attracting new members. These bots can be used to automate the bumping process that advertises relevant information about the server’s purpose, features, and any ongoing events or giveaways. This article has discussed three different bumping bots which are “BumpIt!”, “Vashly” and “Special Share” to help users to increase the server audience.