How to Buy Discord Nitro Subscription?

One of Discord’s popular features is its Nitro membership, which opens the door to a number of special advantages and improvements. Understanding how to buy a Discord Nitro subscription can significantly improve the user’s experience on the platform, whether the user is a gamer or someone who appreciates being a part of social groups.

In this article, we will walk through the method of how to get a Discord Nitro subscription and the various subscription tiers that are offered.

What are the Types of the Discord Nitro Subscription?

There are two different types of Discord Nitro Subscriptions, one is known as the “Nitro Classic” and the other is “Nitro”. Nitro Classic includes the basic features of the “Nitro” and is available on a “$ 2.22” per month subscription. Whereas the “Nitro” included all the features to enhance Discord’s user experience and is available at “$9.99” per month. 

What are the Features of the Nitro Subscriptions?

The important features of the Nitro subscriptions are: 

  • It allows sharing of long-size files
  • It allows sending long messages containing characters up to 4000
  • It allows sending custom emojis and stickers
  • It supports super reactions
  • It supports nitro badges on the profile avatar
  • It supports the custom videos backgrounds

How to Buy the Nitro Subscription in Discord?

To buy the subscription of the Nitro in Discord, take out a credit card to buy the subscription and follow the steps mentioned below. 

Step 1: Access the Settings of Discord

Click on the “Gear” icon at the left bottom of the screen to launch Discord “User Settings”:

Step 2: Choose Nitro in Settings

From the User Settings menu, navigate to the “Nitro” settings. Here, the user will find two different options one is Nitro Basic and the second is Nitro. Buy the Nitro subscription according to preference. For instance, we will buy Nitro by clicking on its “Subscribe” button:

Step 3: Select the Subscription Plan

There will be two subscription plans, on a yearly basis and on a monthly basis. Select the plan according to your own convenience: 

Then choose the payment type either using the “Card” or from the “PayPal” account:

Provide the details of the selected payment type such as for “Card” payment, the following information is required:

  • CVC

After that, press the “Next” button to proceed:

Step 4: Provide the Region Details

After the payment settings, provide the details of the region in which it is supposed to use the Nitro subscription:

Mark the below-pointed checkbox to agree with Discord’s terms of services and Paid services terms and then click on “Get Nitro Monthly” button:

Upon doing so, the Nitro subscription will be activated successfully as shown below:

By following the above steps, one can buy a Discord Nitro subscription. 


To buy a Discord Nitro Subscription, navigate to “User Settings” of Discord. Then, open the “Nitro” settings and choose the Nitro plan according to your preference. After that, choose the payment plan and method and buy the Nitro subscription. All the steps of buying the Nitro Subscription are explained in this post.