Calendar Discord Bots

The Discord platform comes with various features and utilities and one of those is the utilization of a bot to make anyone’s life easier by simplifying the process. For example, manually handling calendars and events are very time-consuming but some bots can streamline this process. These bots integrate with popular calendar platforms like Google Calendar, offering seamless event management within Discord servers. 

These bots eliminate the need for external calendar applications and simplify the event planning process for server administrators and community members. In this article, the 3 best calendar Discord bots will be covered by providing their key features

  1. Apollo Calendar Discord Bot
  2. Calendar Discord Bot
  3. DisCal Calendar Discord Bot

1. Apollo Calendar Discord Bot

Apollo Discord Bot offers a user-friendly interface with essential event management features. This bot focuses on simplifying event sign-ups and coordination: 

Key Features of Apollo Discord Bot

The Key features of the Apollo Discord Bot are listed below:

  • One-click Signups: This allows participants to easily sign up for events within Discord with a single click. 
  • Recurring Events: Schedule events that occur daily, monthly, or on certain days of the week.
  • Automatic Reminders: Send reminders to all attendees before any event, so they can join on time.
  • Adjusting Time Zones: Automatically adjust events based on the user’s time zone to simplify the process of coordination across different regions.

2. Calendar Discord Bot

The is a powerful and feature-rich calendar and event bot designed specifically for Discord servers. It offers a wide range of functionalities to simplify event management and coordination:

Key Features of Discord Bot

Some of the notable features of Discord bots are explained below.

  • Event Creation: Easily create events with custom names, descriptions, dates, and times.
  • RSVP System: Allow participants to RSVP for events for managing attendance.
  • Time Zone Conversion: Automatically convert event times to the time zone of each participant.
  • Custom Reminders: Set up personalized reminders for participants to ensure they don’t miss events.
  • Event Categories: Categorize events based on different types of themes for a better organization which can also be linked with apps like Google Calendar and others.

3. DisCal Calendar Discord Bot

The DisCal Discord bot is a popular choice for event management within Discord servers based on a Calendar. Its advanced functionalities make it an excellent choice to use as a calendar bot for Discord:

Key Features of DisCal Discord Bot

Some of its key features that are worth discussing are listed below.

  • Google Calendar Integration: Synchronize Discord events with your Google Calendar, enabling easy management from both platforms.
  • Event Creation Commands: Use simple commands to create events directly in Discord.
  • Event Reminders: Set automatic reminders for participants to ensure they are aware of forthcoming affairs/events.
  • Recurring Events: Schedule events that repeat at specific intervals, such as monthly, weekly or daily..
  • Time Zone Support: Convert event times to the time zone of each participant to avoid confusion.

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Discord calendar bots have simplified the process in which calendars and events are managed on the platform. The three Discord calendar bots discussed in this guide are Apollo,, and DisCal. These calendar bots offer various features such as recurring events, automatic reminders, RSVP management, and seamless calendar integration with google calendar. Explore these three bots and choose the one that suits your needs to enhance the Discord server calendar and event management experience.