How to Change Discord Email

There are more than 7 billion of the population in the world and according to the 2023 stats, there are estimated more than 7.9 billion email accounts. This means in this era everyone needs an email and it is used almost everywhere in every department. For example, if you need to perform any action on the internet, such as registering an account on a platform, you need an email first. There is a platform named Discord with more than 154 million users working in the very same way. Users use their email addresses to perform multiple actions on it, such as creating an account, recovering passwords with the assistance of email, and even changing existing emails.

This article will show the easiest method to change your Discord email address.


  1. How to Change Discord Email on Desktop
  2. How to Change Discord Email on Mobile
  3. How to Fix Discord Email Charging Issue?

How to Change Discord Email on Desktop

Discord allows its users to register with an email address which is further used for verifications, updates, and reset of passwords. If you have registered your Discord account with an email address that you no longer want to use in Discord, then you can opt to change it from within Discord. It is necessary to have access to the previous email because Discord sends a verification email to ask for permission before changing the email address. Below is the guide on how Discord email can be changed on the desktop:

Step 1: Launch Discord App

Press Win+S from your keyboard together. This will launch the start menu, now enter Discord in the search bar. Click Open button to run your Discord app:

Step 2: Open User Settings

From the bottom of the screen, click on the gear icon to open the User Settings:

Step 3: Edit Email

Under user settings click on My Account and from the section on the right side click on Edit next to the EMAIL:

The pop-up window appears to verify the email address. Click on Send Verification Code to receive an email on the already registered email address:

Open your Gmail Inbox and look for the verification code email from Discord. Click to open, and it should look like the below image, however, the code will be different for each verification:

Go back to Discord again and enter the verification code in the respective box on the pop-up window. Hit Next to proceed further:

The next step is inserting the new email address that you want to link with your Discord account. Type the existing password of your Discord account to confirm the email update. Click on Done when you have entered the credentials right:

Step 4: Verify New Email

This will lead you back to the My Account section on Discord. Here an info box appears that asks you to check your inbox. Moreover, it provides a button Resend Verification Email in case the link that is sent in the email is expired or you have not received the email at all. However, it is necessary to check your email box first and open the mail that received my Discord.

Within the mail, you need to click on the Verify Email button to proceed further.

It will redirect you to the DIscord where a pop-up box will be displayed with the message Email Verified. Simply on the Continue to Discord button and go to the account settings to confirm whether the email has been changed or not.

Want to learn how this process can be done within the Discord mobile application? Let’s follow the next section.

How to Change Discord Email on Mobile

Mobile devices are pretty handy and do not require any time to boot up first and then launch applications. You only unlock the phone and click this Discord app to access it at that instant. So, the email can be changed within no time using the Discord mobile application too. To do so, follow the next section which indicates with proper highlighted screenshots how to change Discord email.

  1. From the bottom left corner, access your Discord profile.
  1. Now, click on the Account button to visit account-related information.
  1. Next, under the Account Information section, tap on the Email button.
  1. This will display a wide button containing the text Send Verification Code; press it.
  1. Copy and paste the code that is received in the Discord email or enter it manually in the field and tap on Next.
  1. This will allow you to enter the new email address and after doing so, hit the Change Email button.
  1. Provide the password as it is necessary to verify that it is really you who is trying to change the email address.
  1. Open the provided email inbox to check if there is a new Discord email for verification. If you receive an email, open and click the Verify Email button.
  1. Finally, a new email has been registered and verified with the existing Discord account successfully as it can seen in the image.

How to Fix Discord Email Charging Issue?

In case of having issues while changing the Discord email, such as Cannot Change Email Address, consider submitting the request to Discord support. Discord support will reply to your email within an appropriate period and provide a solution or an efficient way to change email in the right way.

We have presented how to smoothly change the email address of your within Discord using desktop as well as smartphone devices.


To change the email address on Discord, go to Discord account settings then My Account, and click on the Edit button placed next to Email. A box will appear with the buttons to send a verification code to email; simply click on it. Next, check the email for code, write it back in Discord, and proceed to change the email by providing the current password. Again, a new verification email be sent to your new email address; verify it and you are good to utilize your Discord account. This is how an email can be perfectly changed within a Discord account.