How to Change Margins in Google Docs

Google Docs is a well-known online text writing/editing platform, having more or less features like Microsoft Word. Moreover, it provides interesting features like word count, margin adjustment, highlighting text, and many more. One of them, margin adjustment, enhances the interactiveness of the text. This post demonstrates two methods to change the margin in Google Docs by a ruler or page setting in Google Docs. It is useful to adjust the text within a restricted border via the document’s margin. Moreover, users can customize the margin page by adjusting the left, right top, and bottom inches. The content of this post is as follows:

  • Using Ruler to Change Margins in Google Docs
  • Using the Page Setup to Change Margins in Google Docs

Method 1: Using Ruler to Change Margins in Google Docs

A ruler is an essential tool for adjusting margins in Google Docs. It applies to all existing pages of the document. The step-by-step procedure is explained below to change the margins in Google Docs:

Note: To practice the steps, the users must be logged into a Google account via any of their favorite browsers.

Step 1: Create or Open the Google Doc File

Firstly, users can create a new document or open an existing Google Doc. A new document is opened in this section through the “Docs icon”. To access the Google Docs icon, you need to navigate to Google’s menu:

After opening the docs menu, you will get the following interface. To create the new document, click the “Blank” option as shown below:

In this step, you will create a new document by clicking on the “Blank” document in Google Docs:

Step 2: Specify the Margin Using Ruler

A simple text “Welcome to Google Docs…!!!” is written in the new Google Docs sheet. After that, adjust the “Ruler” that is already set at “0.00” in Google Docs:

Step 3: Change the Margins

Click and hold the ruler. Then move the ruler left or right to change the margins. For instance, we have moved the ruler to the left side and changed the current margin from “0.00” to “-0.25”:

Method 2: Using Page Setup to Change Margins in Google Docs

Another method is changing the margin in Google Docs by employing the “Page Setup” option. By doing so, the margin effect will be functional on the existing page. The following steps are carried out to change the margin using the “Page Setup” option:

Step 1: Open Page Setup Options

Click on the “File” tab and select the “Page setup” properties in the dropdown list:

Step 2: Change Margins

It navigates to the page properties in Google Docs. In this pop-up window, users can adjust the left, right, top, and bottom margins in “inches”:

Hence, the margin is manually changed by “3” inches from the left side and “2” inches at the top. The below screenshot validates the modification:

That’s it! You have learned two methods for changing margins in Google Docs.


In Google Docs, users can change the margins by adjusting the “Ruler” or using the “Page setup”option from the “File” tab. The “Ruler” can change the left or right margin. However, the options in the “Page Setup” properties allow users to change the “top”, “bottom”, “right” and“left” margins. This post has demonstrated the possible methods to change the margins in Google Docs.