How to Change Page Color in Google Docs

Google Docs play an important role in academia and business organizations with numerous features. It has various applications such as greeting cards, event brochures, etc. These features include real-time editing, setting the background color, changing page colors, etc. Today, we will guide changing page color in Google Docs.

How to Change Page Color in Google Docs?

Google Docs offer a “Drawing” tool to perform modification to the document. It is very useful to set a background image, change page color, and many more in a very short time. Let’s discuss the guidelines for changing the page color.

In this scenario, an existing document is used to change the page color in Google Docs.

Choose the “File” tab of the menu bar that offers a variety of options, and select the “Page setup” option in the dropdown list.

It navigates to the “Page setup” window where the user can select the “Page color” button for changing any color based on its needs.

In this scenario,  the “light green 1” color is selected from a variety of colors, and hit the “OK” button can be seen in the below screenshot.

Hence, the “light green 1” color is applied throughout the page of Google Docs, which can verify in the below screenshot.

Moreover, users can customize the page color by selecting the “+” icon in the “Page setup” window.

After hitting the “+” icon, you can customize the color through “Color code” as well as setting “Hue”.

That it! Today, you have learned about changing color in Google Docs.


Google Docs offers to change page color by pressing the “Page setup” option from the “File” tab. It navigates to a new window where users can pick colors according to their needs. It is beneficial for editors and designers to modify the page color that can be applied throughout Google Docs. Hence, this post has provided a detailed explanation for changing the page color in Google Docs.