How to Change the Page Settings in Google Docs?

Google Docs comprises a bundle of features to enhance the formatting of documents. These features include page orientation, page color, margin adjustment, page size, etc. Google Docs allows users to modify the page settings and adjust them according to their needs. This article gives the step-by-step procedure for changing the page settings in Google Docs.

How to Change the Page Settings in Google Docs?

First of all, you can create a new or utilize an existing document in Google Docs to perform modifications with page settings. In this article, an existing document is used to manipulate the settings of a page in Google Docs. The detailed explanation is discussed below:

Select the “Page setup” option (in the dropdown list) from the “File” tab of the Menu bar in Google Docs:

It navigates to the “Page setup” window, in which you can find all the important settings of the page in one place, as shown below figure:

By default, the page settings of Google Docs, such as “Orientation” is Portrait, “Paper size” is Letter (8.5’’ x 11’’), which defines the width and height of paper in inches format. “Page color” is set at White, and the margin adjusts at 1 inch from the “Top”, “Bottom”, “Left”, and “Right” sides.   

Change the Orientation of a Page in Google Docs

Initially, the orientation of the page is set at “Portrait”, as shown in the below screenshot:

Select the option of “Landscape” in the “Page setup” window and hit the “OK” button to apply it throughout the whole document:

The below figure verifies that the “Landscape” orientation is applied here:

Change the Page Margins in Google Docs

By default, the “Margins” are set to 1 inch from each side which can be seen in the below screenshot:

Change the values of the Margin to “2” inches from all sides and hit the “OK” button:

Hence, the below screenshot can verify that the margins are applied at 2 inches from all sides of Google Docs:

Change the Page Color in Google Docs

Moreover, users have the option of changing the page color in the “Page setup” window. For this, press the “Page color” icon that can be seen in the below figure.

Select the background color in the drop-down list according to the needs. In this scenario, choose the “light purple 2” color as illustrated below:

After selecting the color, the “light purple 2” is applied throughout the document of Google Docs:

Great! You have experienced changing the page setting in Google Docs.


In Google Docs, select the “Page setup” option from the “File” tab to change the page settings of the document. The “File” option can be accessed through the Menu bar of Google Docs. The “page Settings” comprise multiple modification features such as changing margins, changing colors, changing orientation, and much more. In this post, we have demonstrated the way to change the “Page Settings” in Google Docs.